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Exciting Design Trends in The World of Fashion

Either you follow a trend or set a trend! That is the rule of fashion world. Graphic designs have become the current trend in the world of shirts and t-shirts. As it is always said history repeats itself, graphic designs are a digitally reinterpreted form of pre-existing styles and arts. So let us check out some of the exciting design trends below –

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  • Isometric Designs

The isometric designs are well-known concepts existing for ages and in this digital world, it has found a base to grow again. The simpler and clean drawings in the isometric design offer a 3D look adding a modernish touch to the shirts. Although the designs are simple but have depth effect that amalgamates art with digital creating a trendy outfit to flaunt.

  • Gradient and Duotone Colors

Gradients and duotone colors are one of the most impressive trends when it comes to shirts and t-shirts. Gradients are a trend that will never fade away especially after their impactful rebirth in the last few years. Gradients have become an inevitable part of the modern graphic design trends specifically the digital ones. Duotones on the other hand craft colorful shirts and t-shirts using only two colors. The technique is being exploited today to employ bright and expressive colors while simplifying the color palette.

  • Overlapping Patterns

Overlapping patterns are yet another trending fashion in the world of shirts and t-shirts. The technique has been known for its ever evolving design patterns. Numerous brands and designers are experimenting with shapes for creating impactful and impressive shirts and other outfits that the today’s generation will adore completely. You will find a lot of overlapping geometrical shapes, color combinations and other interesting patterns that will fascinate you visually.

  • Bold Colors

The trend of bold colors is getting stronger day after day. Colorful shirts with bold colors are being loved by people of all generations. Bold colors here do not mean supersaturated ones rather it is all about the combination of bold colors and their usages. Simply mixing up these bold colors won’t be that impressive. Today designers are graphically mixing and matching bold colors to craft designs that make the colorful shirts and t-shirts look classy and stylish. One of the most recent fashions is recursive fashion that utilizes numerous bold colors and patterns together to craft unique and exciting prints.

  • Responsive Logos

Web awareness has put a huge impact on the brand design patterns. Before the advent of web brands needed at most two or three styles of their logos. However, today the brands are looking for about four to five different logo variations suitable for different screen resolutions and applications. Adding responsive logos to shirts and t-shirts has become another trend in the world of fashion. The more responsive the logo, the more is the trustworthiness of the brand.


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