Proper Training Is A Must Before Investing In The Stock Market

Who taught you about wealth management?

Did you learn wealth management:

  • From school?
  • From friends?
  • From parents?
  • From books or seminars?
  • From university or college?

ANSWER: Usually through OSMOSIS – from a combination of the above!Most people learnt about money and/or wealth management from their families (tradition). Unfortunately, the mistakes are passed on from generation to generation.

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MUTUAL FUNDS – Due to the failure of spouses understanding their RISK TOLERANCES, the easiest way (with the ability to ‘blame someone else’) is to find a Financial Planner to take the responsibility of managing the family’s INHERITANCE. No regard to RETURN versus COST is considered.

MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING – jumping on the bandwagon LONG after the wagon is gone. Building ‘legs’ & trying to sell the product (usually SOAP) to friends and family is not a winner.

NETWORK MARKETING – a variation on the above. Again, selling ‘Vacuums’ may not bring your friends, let alone wealth. Mostly, consumed by immediate family members – eating the seed instead of sowing it!

REAL ESTATE – Excellent investment strategy in an uptrend economy. Usually extremely successful in the initial stages of a ’bull’ market especially when buying ONE house and then making a ‘killing’ on it. Suddenly, GREED sets in and in an attempt to become ‘Mr. TRUMP’ in 7 days or less; a number of units are purchased with MINIMUM down payments so that it can be ‘FLIPPED’ quickly for a “SUBSTANTIAL” profit. Unfortunately, you & 50,000 other people came to the SAME conclusion at the end of the ‘HOT’ market! Massive losses or foreclosures or manager of tenants is the result.

FRANCHISES– extremely costly enterprise. Royalties can potentially destroy the franchise-owner. It is nothing MORE than BUYING a 20 hour a day full-time job!

FOREX (Foreign Currency Trading) – extremely speculative. Competing with global foreign exchange money managers in a 24/7 market. Your simple software cannot compete. PERIOD.

COMMODITIES– similar to FOREX. Challenges: Forecasting future global demand for specific commodities and unpredictability of weather patterns.

OTHERS: Black Box Computer Programs that trade penny stocks, FOREX; Options; Futures etc. – nothing more than gambling based on some “PROPRIETARY” system.

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Stock market investment (like anything else) requires  involves EDUCATION -understanding of the market conditions, trends, and dynamics. The changes in the economy (e.g. interest rateetc.)and geo-political factors (e.g. trade wars) have a direct impact on the stock market!What is important is to be able to mitigate risks – that requires knowledge, which can only be gained by a systematic study through technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

By the time the average adult begins his career, he has completed almost 16 years of education in numerous disciplines. However, his knowledge of money management and wealth creation is extremely limited for many reasons – for example, the educational system is geared to train one to get a job – regardless of the college or university degree, the aim of that degree is to train you in a profession which ultimately leads to ‘landing’ a job! Preferably one with a pension! Result – living from pay-check to pay-check is the norm for the majority of citizens in the world

Where do you go to get such training?

TRAIN2INVEST was founded on the concept of providing a superior financial and investment education through a ‘STUDENT-CENTERED’ approach.  You don’t need a PhD in advanced mathematics! Delivering a step-by-step learning process that breaks down complex subject matter into manageable, bitesize pieces of information.ONE SIZE does not fit all. We recognize that different people learn at a different pace.

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The TRAIN2INVEST program is a comprehensive hands-on learning and mentoring experience with the option of ongoing coaching and support as determined by the student.  The time factor is important because we cannot change old habits or develop new ones with any degree of success within a few weeks.  The TEACH, TRAIN, and COACH approach delivers complex issues in bite-sized modules eliminating information overload and targeting critical information analysis for decision making.

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