Expert Tips to Maintain Water Filters for Longer Time

It is a fact that everything in this world has an expiry date. A refrigerator water filter is no exception, even though you have bought the most expensive one. However, there are certain ways that can make these filters last longer. Let us take a look at the tips from the experts to extend the life of your water filters efficiently –

  • Changing the filter at the right time

As per the recommendations by the experts and manufacturers, water filter must be changed at least every six months or every 200 to 300 gallons of water. However, the time frame may vary depending upon the quality of water in your locality. Replacing it before time is waste of money and similarly leaving them unchanged for too long can affect the quality of your water adversely.

  • Clearing Out the Impurities

Clearing out the impurities in your filter as per the instructions on regular basis helps is keeping the quality of water as pure as possible for longer time.

  • Let the Sediments Settle First

Before you begin to pump your water, check to see if any sediment is there or not. If you find sediments, then let these settle first and then pour away the water at the bottom. By doing so, you will be stopping your filters from getting clogged by dirt particles and hence will get pure water.

  • Pre-filtration using a piece of cheesecloth

It is a strange but great strategy to extend the life of your filter. Pre-filtering water by a piece of cheesecloth helps in reducing the contaminants passing through your filter hence improving the quality of your drinking water even more.

  • Storing the filter in the right place

Storing your filter in a clean and hygienic environment is another significant way to prevent these from getting damaged and prolonging their lifetime.

  • Keep the Filters Away from Sunlight

Keeping the filter away from direct sunlight is highly recommended by the experts to extend the life expectancy of your water filter. Too much of exposure to sunlight can damage its life sooner.

  • Charcoal Replacement

If your water filter is equipped with charcoal then make sure to replace it over time to ensure the better quality of water.

  • Regular maintenance is necessary

Providing regular maintenance to the entire filter system enables you to realize the flaws within it and fix it in time.

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