How To Buy Restaurant Equipment

Simply put purchasing restaurant equipment can be a confusing proposition if you’re not that familiar with it. Since it’ll become the life-line of your business, you will need something that is affordable yet very dependable. Here are few tips for buying restaurant equipment.

  1. Just like when you’re making a large personal purchase, you will wish to do adequate research. You will need to go into shopping mode with a full knowledge of what kind of equipment you require, what the average cost is, what features are the most important to you as well as the space that you’ve available.

  2. You’ll need to measure all areas of your kitchen and I have found it useful to even draw the kitchen layout for the restaurant equipment using graph paper. It doesn’t take long and can save you many headaches as well as money later. Believe me! If you’ve just bought a new commercial refrigerator that does not correctly fit in to the space that you planned to put it, you have headaches.

  3. It sounds very elementary but you would be astounded at how often the power supplies for the new piece or pieces of restaurant equipment do not match each other. Meaning they have purchased a new commercial gas oven and don’t have the gas hook up in their new space. Simply confirm if your equipment requires to be gas-powered or electric.

  4. While we’re talking about power, you will wish to ensure that your new equipment will not blow out an electrical fuse once you plug it in. Check your available amps & then ensure that your new ice machine does not require more than you have.

  5. Especially in these tough economic times it is essential to purchase what you really need to provide the food quality & the service levels that are your standard for the restaurant. You do not wish to put your employees at a disadvantage to do their tasks. However, you also only wish to buy the restaurant equipment that you will really use and need. A good example would be buying the correct ice bin or ice machine for the traffic of your property. Obviously if the ice bin isn’t large enough, you are back to having headaches because you won’t be able to keep up with demand.

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