Expired Vape Juice – Is it Safe to Use or Not?

Have you been vaping for a few years? Then it is highly likely that you have a good selection of vape juices in your collection which you haven’t gotten around to vaping still that are gathering dust on your shelf.

Obviously, you plan to vape these vape juices eventually but do you know these products have expiration date? Is it safe to use an expired vape juice or a vape juice that has turned brown? Usually expiration date  of vape juices is not that worrisome but there are certain exceptions to the rule . Let’s have a look:

Is it safe to use a vape juice that has expired?

Usually vape juices have labeling similar to that you may find on the milk or the yogurt in your refrigerator. You may find somewhere on the bottle with a notation such as “Best Used By” or “Expiration Date” or “Expires On” followed by a month and a year. One thing you need to understand that expiration dates do not talk about safety but about quality. So when you see an expiration date on your vape juice, it determines you how long it will maintain its premium flavor.

Make sure to close your vape juice bottle tightly and not leave it out in the light else, some of the flavoring in the product can get evaporated. Although it will give you a throat hit and you will still make clouds but the taste will be different. It is always best to store your vape juices in cool and dry places such as a closed cupboard.

If you do not close the container tightly, the nicotine in your vape juice may absorb humidity from the ambiance. It makes your vape juice a little runner. Also, PG,VG and nicotine can turn brown when they are exposed to the air for a couple of years. However, they won’t turn toxic.

How long does vape juice last?

Vape juice can last either forever or for two years, whichever comes first. So you can expect that your vape juice to stay in same condition as when you bought it for two years. You can use it even after two years. It may have a lighter consistency and offer a different feel to your taste buds with darker color and less flavor. But you can still vape it!

However, the flavorings are the risky part of any vape juice. These are complicated mix of natural and synthetic chemicals hence interact with VG, PG and nicotine in diverse ways. For instance, while the cherry flavoring preserves nicotine, the artificial vanilla flavor breaks it down.

How to know if your vape juice has expired and you should not use it?

Although, expiration of vape juice doesn’t matter much but there are times when you must throw out your old vape juice and do not use it. For instance, when you toss up the vape juice clustered in the bottle and it smells bad, you must not vape it. Also, if you notice black particles floating on top, you should throw it away as these could be mold. If such problems are seen even if the expiration date is late, you should get rid of it immediately.

What makes vape juices to expire?

Usually storing the vape juice wrongly makes it expire. Some of the reasons include exposure to light, heat, plastic and air.

How to properly store your vape juice?

Storing them in cool and dark place in tightly sealed bottles is highly recommended.


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