Explore Amman Roman Theater- An Exceptionally Well-Preserved Ancient Marvel

Jordan is a beautiful country that has so many marbles worth of visit for avid travelers. The great historical places, including Amman Roman Theater in Jordan, will never disappoint vacationers. A journey to the Amman Roman Theater is a dream-like experience that takes you to 2000 years back into the history where the amphitheater once housed over 6000 onlookers and is still used for theater events!



Amman is a lesser-known city and home to a wide range of ancient monuments, ruins including Amman Roman Theater, an impressive remnant of Roman architecture. It is a 2nd-century AD, Roman amphitheater that stands the testament to the significance of what was then known as Philadelphia. It is a northward-facing landmark commissioned by Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius, who believed to be one of the better Emperors in Roman history.

Theaters often had religious importance in Roman history. The small shrine of goddess Athena once housed above the top of seat rows is also termed as God’s place at that time. It was now in the Jordan Museum was prominent in the religious life of the city. It is also home to two impressive museums behind the two ground-level entrances. Now they are termed as Amman Folklore Museum and Amman Museum of Popular Traditions.



The Amman Roman Theater has magnificently restored the theatre and the most impressive ancient remnant for most foreign visitors. The restoration process theatre began in 1957 means that the immediate reconstruction is partly inaccurate. However, the final product is undoubtedly impressive, especially considering that the theatre has again become a place of entertainment in recent years. The ultimate result was nothing short of spectacular, so it’s hardly surprising that the theater is the highlight of Amman for many tourists. Roman Theater in Amman is still used to this day for hosing certain cultural events and concerts are conducted in the summer as well.



Amman Roman Theater is the 6,000 seat 2nd-century AD Roman amphitheater stands the testament of the glory and significance of Roman culture and amusement. The architectural design of the stage and the places are amazing. If you stand over it and speak your voice, then you will find your sound projects to the entire stadium. The theater itself cuts into the northern side of a hill, gives a superb photographic opportunity for vacationers. At night the whole theater is illuminated with floodlights, so this might also be an excellent time to take some remarkably unique photos. Morning and afternoon is the best time for taking photographs as the light is soft at that time.



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