Explore and Enjoy the Adorable Natural Beauties on a Dead Sea Tour from Amman

There is no wonder that the Dead Sea is one of the most attractive places in the world worthy of a visit for any avid traveler. It is the lowest place on earth at about 431m below sea level. Its healing mineral waters, rich in oxygen air, oases teeming with world-class historical sites always attract visitors throughout the world. Most travelers around the globe come to explore the sea and get a fantastic travel experience by enjoying the Adventure Tours Jordan of their lifetime.

The amazing Day Tours Dead Sea takes you to the lowest place on the earth surface. This level of earth promises several Dead Sea wonders! The sea’s waters maintain nearly 34% salinity and the River Jordan dead-ends into the Dead Sea.


When the river water evaporates, it leaves behind large beds of salt and minerals. The natural atmospheric pressure and high oxygen levels on the region dilute the sun’s harmful rays more than any other place on earth. It means you don’t have sunburn as quickly when sunning on the shores of the Dead Sea!