Explore Princess Diana’s Story Right From Your Home

Welcome to The Princess Diana Museum. Here you can find over 2,oo0 of Diana’s most iconic, meticulously curated, historical and personal artifacts exhibited in a 3D interactive environment. The virtual tour is a unique site devoted to the memory of Princess Diana with absolutely no parallel to anything online or on any museum exhibit anywhere in the world. Here you can find everything connected with the life and death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana’s child clothing gallery as well as hundreds of other items are an absolute never seen before collection.


You can admire Princess Diana’s dresses, her pictures and her nice things in a virtual tour. It offers an augmented reality experience of items from the museum’s permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions. The Museum’s virtual tour allows visitors from all over the world to explore Diana’s story through her clothes and recollections from her closest friends, family and associates.

From the elegant simplicity of her school uniform, to the stunning sophistication of gowns dripping in diamonds, take a journey with our Princess through every stage of her life; from reckless youth to wise and wonderful womanhood as she navigates the often-treacherous waters of royalty.

Listen to fascinating interviews with some of the people connected to the historical pieces in the museum. Among the people interviewed in The Princess Diana Museum are: Richard Dalton, David Sassoon, Jacques Azagury, Caroline Charles and Roland Klein. Each interview is a unique story told by the individual in his or her own words. Such stories give a new life and meaning to each piece in the museum, which is permanently preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Inside the museum, visitors will follow a virtual avatar as it guides them through the museum in English or Spanish. A community chat feature will let visitors share experiences in real time inside the museum creating a sense of belonging.

Princess Diana

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