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Petra is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World characterize with its historical and archaeological magnificence. It is known to be one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jordan. Petra is also known as Rose City due to the pinkish color of the stone out of which it has been carved. It is also known as the Lost City because the city remained unknown to the Western world since 1812! Isn’t it an exciting fact regarding Petra? So many surprising facts make you fall in love with it! So let us find some of the most interesting sites about Petra below:

Petra tours


The Siq- Entering through the Siq is a dramatic and atmospheric introduction to the ancient city! It is a theatrical and vibrant passageway that seems like the entrance into Petra. It had been carved by nature and the Nabataeans hundreds of years ago. The awe-inspiring natural wonder arrangements here truly bring the tone for the rest of the site.

Petra at night- For a unique Petra tours experience; let’s have the journey to Petra after dark on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It leads you to find the ancient walls of the Siq that looks gorgeous. At the same time, more then1,500 candles are lit up before it from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. listen to traditional Bedouin music and folklore of the local people along with the dramatic views makes the atmosphere truly exciting.

The Monastery- one of Petra’s top attractions is The Monastery, but it’s a little challenging to reach the place. You need to climb 800 around stairs, which can take around an hour to arrive at the top of the Monastery.

The Royal Tombs- you’ll find the ancient Royal Tombs along the Street of Facades. It seems to be the most famous Tombs of the Byzantine Empire and the sacred place for worship.

The Treasury- The Treasury is the most renowned monument built (a tomb for the Nabataean King Aretas III) believed to have held hidden treasures in Petra.

Byzantine Church- This church is built in the 5th or 6th century and was remain reckless and abandoned after the earthquake hit the city. It was excavated in 1993, and over 150 papyrus scrolls were discovered, making it the most significant find of its kind in Jordan.

Al-Khibtha Trail- If you want to capture some iconic photo of the Treasury from above, then hike up the Al-Khubtha trail. It starts by the Royal Tombs and will take you up along the rock staircase to the highland. On the way, you’ll eventually get to the edge of the cliff face that gives an incredible view of the Treasury below.

The high place of Sacrifice- climbing up to the High Place of Sacrifice will give the ultimate 360-degree views of the Rose City of Petra.

How to reach Petra

The most convincing way to travel Petra is by hiring a car or book a driver or with public transport. Petra is located 250km from Amman. A car drive will take 2.5 hours through the scenic routes will take you to the ruin sites of Petra. Petra tour operators can arrange the transfer directly with your hotel, or they can book the car service in advance. Once you arrive, you won’t have to worry about negotiating the fair and travel comfortably.

Petra tours


What to wear while visiting Petra?

The most important thing to consider is packing a pair of walking shoes before traveling Petra. Since you are going to spend hours and wandering around the ruins and rocky ground; hence you should be some light, loose, breathable fabrics, preferably covering the body to escape from the sunray. There is hardly a chance of shade around the site. So bring plenty of sunscreens to keep your face and body parts safe. Even if you are planning to stay in Petra after sunset, then don’t forget to pack an extra layer of warm clothes as the temperatures here drop in the night. However, it depends on the time of year, so take care to check before you go!

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