Five Amazing Ways To Use Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You name the nature of olive oil like expeller pressed, extra virgin olive oil, or organic and you can have it in any grocery store. However, the use of normal extra virgin olive oil has become boring. Keeping this in mind and the same other aspects reputed manufacturers and distributors in the USA have come up with flavor-infused extra virgin olive oil. Rosemary extra virgin olive oil in one such variety that has gained popularity and flavor is not the only reason.


Reasons for rising in use of flavored extra virgin olive oil 

Before coming specifically to Rosemary-infused extra virgin olive oil, let us see why people love to use flavored olive oil.

Spice up dishes

Instead of sticking with the muted olive oil people love to use the flavored olive oil to spice up their dishes. Irrespective of its use like with chipotle chicken salad or with slices of sourdough, the flavored variety of extra virgin olive oil can bring in some variety without compromising the benefits of olive oil.


More healthy 

Extra virgin olive oil is itself healthy; however, the flavored variety helps to have the health benefits associated with the herb, fruit, or vegetables used to flavor the oil.

Ability to cook new dishes

Your family members may have become bored eating the classic vinaigrette or focaccia that you have been cooking. Why not use flavored extra virgin olive oil to add some variety and flavor to make the dishes liked by all.

Enhance the flavor of ice cream 

A drizzle of flavored extra virgin olive can bring a new taste and flavor to your ice cream.


Unique ways to use Rosemary extra virgin olive oil

Rosemary is extremely healthy and can aid in about anything. It can help to reduce nervousness and torment. It is also possible to uplift your state of mind and enhance recollections. So, if you use extra virgin olive oil infused with rosemary, you can have these benefits along with the associated benefits of EVOO.

Let us know some unique ways to use this nature of extra virgin olive oil.

Flavor pulped potato 

Instead of using cream or margarine, you can easily use rosemary-infused olive oil to pulp potatoes to have a unique taste.

Make cocktails taste different

If you are having a party, surprise your guests by making a whiskey mixed drink using Rosemary extra virgin olive oil. With the mixed drink, you need to blend Scotch bourbon, squeezed orange, and a spoon of this extra virgin olive oil. Serve it on ice and notice how your guests love to drink it.

Cook chicken 

Place onions, garlic and rosemary olive oil with an entire chicken, add salt and pepper, and bake at 350° F for about one hour. Stop the process when the meat thermometer registers 180° F. You need to cover the chicken with a thwart and wait for ten minutes before serving.

Not only chicken it is also best to cook sheep using Rosemary extra virgin olive oil.


Shower over pizza 

To have the sensitive trace of grittiness sprinkle a small amount of this oil over the pizza.

Make olive oil cake

You can add an appetizing note to an olive oil cake using this oil.

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