Guided Tours Are A Great Way To See The Best Of Chichen Itza Ruins

Are you searching for the best-guided full-day tour of Chichen Itza? Do you have the desire to know more about Mayan civilization, and history with an experienced, knowledgeable & certified tour guide? Wondering how to explore the Chichen Itza full-day tour and which is perfect for you with so many options available in the market?

You may be crazy about researching all the amazing guided tours of Chichen Itza and weird facts before my trip. The professional team at Best Maya Tours is happy to tell you that they have just the perfect Chichen Itza full-day tour & guide for you. So that you may know exactly what you wish and perceive things in reality.

Once upon a time, Chichen Itza was a large city humming with so many activities. Ancient buildings at Chichen Itza are among the most impressive in the Mayan culture. While most people are familiar with the tall Mesoamerican stepped pyramid known as El Castillo or the Temple of Kukulcan, many other aspects of Chichen Itza should be explored. Many unexpected things! Some are quite shocking!!

The tour guide will pick you up from the hotel on time. Then you travel in a deluxe motor coach with reclining seats and air-conditioning for the journey to Chichen Itza. After reaching there the certified bilingual guide takes you to the best places & lets you explore ancient Mayan city life. Some of them are: 

  • Castle or Pyramid of Kukulcan – the tallest and most remarkable example of Maya architecture
  • The Ball Game is a defining aspect of Mesoamerican culture. 
  • The Platform of the Skulls 
  • The platform of the eagles and jaguars is a small platform with four stairways. 
  • The venus platform is a square platform with stairs on each side. 
  • Temple of the Warriors is a building that is 133 feet broad and 40 feet high.  
  • The Thousand Columns Group is a vast quadrangle built between 900 A.D. and 1200 A.D MarketPlace 
  • The sacred cenote. 
  • The Ossuary- a pyramid with nine stepped blocks
  • The Church displays profuse and symmetrical ornamentation of stone mosaic
  • El caracol Chichen Itza, one of the few circular structures built by the Maya

Guided tours of Chichen Itza ruins could be a perfect option if you are a first-timer or for the fifth time. The first reason behind it is that you don’t have to bother about getting to & from one place to another, deciding the best place. The second reason is that you will get the company of a local guide who knows much more about the site that you may not ever gather from the internet.

There are so many tours available such as cenote tours, private tours, small group tours & guided tours! How do you know which Chichen Itza tour is the best for you? Have you visited Chichen Itza yet? How many of these fascinating Chichen Itza facts were you aware of? Is there something interesting that you missed? Well, Best Maya Tours is here to help. They have created a comprehensive Chichen Itza full-day tour where you’ll find everything you need for an awesome Chichen Itza trip!