What to Know Before Planning Wildebeest Migration Safaris in Kenya 2023?


When it comes to booking Kenya safaris 2023, most travelers think about “Wildebeest Migration”. It is an annual natural phenomenon that involves hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra crossing predator’s paths and charging into the crocodile infested river. This is what most safari-goers think about the Migration – one of the most spectacular wildlife phenomena throughout Africa. Apart from this, their journey involves lots more things. However, there are certain things you need to know before planning Kenya Safari 2023 for Wildebeest Migration.

It’s an unpredictable phenomenon.

In East Africa, generally, the long rains soak the ground in April and May and the Serengeti plains come to life with a great mass of sweet, delicious grass. It signals wildebeest and zebra to move into the central Serengeti National Park mowing amazing tender grass along the way. This is exactly how the process works except for delayed or early rains. Or if it rains unexpectedly, some herds turn back to feast on the fresh new grass.

The wildebeest and zebra should be in the central Serengeti and getting prepared for the toughest part of this phenomenon – the river crossings which fall around June to August. Not even the wildebeest know when they are going to cross the river. Some arrive at the river and start swimming right away. Others may spend days hanging around gazing. Some herds arrive there and return to the place they came from. So, it’s unpredictable in every aspect.

It’s not for the faint-hearted.

River crossings are well-known as the main highlights of the spectacle and few other sights beat them for sheer drama and adrenalin pumping actions. A herd of wildebeest will reach the river at a casual, leisurely pace and hang out on its banks for days that frustrate the crocodiles and even the tourists.


Nobody knows why and how they suddenly make a decision to cross the river. Firstly, the intrepid  pioneers will scuttle down the often very steep sides and rocky riverbanks. It’s natural that you will root for these brave forerunners and you’ll witness the heart-breaking moments. An animal can often break a hind leg while trying to climb or a river bank or lose its grip and fall down on others, injuring them. This is what makes wildebeest crossing a true spectacle which involves the ecstasy, and agony of survival, unedited, unfiltered in natural true life.

It’s perpetual.

Most people think that the migration takes place between July and October. But that’s not actually the case. Actually, it’s a fluid, year-round movement with different, equally exciting events. The river crossing falls during the safari’s peak season i.e. June to October; hence the perception is that it’s the only time to see the Wildebeest Migration.

Never overlook the unsung joys of the low season. For beginners, animals spend November to March returning to the starting point in the southern Serengeti. That means you will be treated by the epic scenes of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra crossing the wide open plains of Masai Mara while returning to Tanzania. No matter whenever you see it, the sight of huge herds on the move is truly exhilarating.


Bottom Line –

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