How Do You Choose Right Size Canvas Prints?

Every CanvasHQ canvas starts with a handcrafted wooden frame and you can chose from any size canvas that works right for your photo. You will come across different sizes range from six inch to 96 inch and everything in between to choose from. You can pick out any size canvas that works for your photo very well.

However, all of the most popular size options are present on the order page; but you can create your own custom sizes so that your artwork will be perfect for your wall. It’s highly suggested that you should get a measurement tape and choose the perfect size for your canvas print on your specific wall. Try out masking a tape outline on your wall to get a better idea of how the canvas size will look once it’s in right place. Generally, the bigger is better; you should be a little biased.

If you’re unsure about the right dimensions for your image, you should not be worried about. When you choose the first dimension from the custom size drop-down, the system will select the second dimension automatically, which is the best fit for your picture.

Making Your Canvas Print Looking Bigger –

You have to choose the number of canvas that you want your image to span – two for diptych and three for triptych. Make the changes in the quantity of canvases after adding the first one to your cart.

Contact CanvasHQ experts and let them know that you’d like your photo to span different canvases. They will send a proof before they get started so that you can make sure that your canvas looks like what exactly you’ve envisioned.

Choosing Diptych for Two Canvases –

Your image will stretch around two canvases. You have to specify in the order notes if you’d like it to be divided vertically or horizontally with one canvas above the other one.

Considering Triptych for Three Canvases –

Your image will expand around three canvases. Specify in your order notes if you’d like it to be divided vertically or horizontally with a canvas above the other.

Bottom Line –

Canvas prints are specifically for memories to be cherished and stay stuck on your phone. Your treasured memories are probably sitting right now on your phone and to be noticed once in a while flipping through your image collections.

High quality canvas prints can help you take those memories from the digital realm to the real world. They will remind you daily about the memory that you want to treasure forever. If you want to shop for canvas prints, get a better understanding of CanvasHQ promo code available on SaveOnCart.

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