How Do You Enjoy Luscious Vapor from Island Orange by Hi-Drip 100ml?

Are you tired of trying out sugary candy flavors and the refreshing tropical blends? Why don’t you enjoy both flavors simultaneously! Is it possible? Now get the flavorful experience with Island Orange (Blood Orange Pineapple) by Hi-Drip 100ml. This delectable vape juice will take care of your cravings with just one simple puff of enjoying this luscious vapor.

However, Hi-Drip is well-known name in the vaping industry for providing amazing concoctions of fruity goodness. Being a part in the industry for more than half a decade, Hi-Drip has garnered popularity amongst vape enthusiasts for their flavor-filled vape juices.

The Blood Orange Pineapple vape juice blends two amazingly satisfactory fruits along with right amount of pure and unadulterated sugar. When you try out this ejuice, you will get soothing experience by the glorious nectars. However, your sweet tooth will get exactly what it really wants.

Island Orange Vape Juice

The Hi-Drip Island Orange vape juice is also known as blood orange pineapple. This fruit flavored vape juice combines blood oranges, pineapples, and the ultimate sweet candy flavor. While vaping this Blood Orange Pineapple vape juice, you’ll definitely taste the blood orange on the inhale.

The ejuice gives you the amazing flavorful profile of chewy candy infused with juicy pineapple and delicious blood orange. However, the blood orange flavor is considered as the richest fruit flavored vape you’ll ever experience on the inhale.

On the exhale, the pineapple sweeps in and complements the rich inhale perfectly by bringing complete vape flavor experience. You will get to enjoy the fine blend of pineapple and candy flavor.

Upon tasting, get ready for a sugary sweet and lightly sour taste. This Blood Orange Pineapple comes with rich and natural flavor that you’d love to vape all day long during hot summer months. You’ll get barely noticeable throat hit without any burning or charring sensation and extravagant vape flavor profile. What else could you ask for a vaper!

The Island Orange by Hi-Drip is available in a 100ml bottle with nicotine level of 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG. The vape juice has a flavor profile of blood orange, pineapple, and chewy cand Island Orange Vape Juicey. This e-juice comes with VG/PG of 70/30.

Bottom Line –

It’s time to unravel the complex flavorful vaping sensation of Island Orange by Hi-Drip E-Liquid and take the notes of tropical pineapple, exotic blood orange combined together to create a unique flavor of citrusy candy chew experience.

This vape juice is perfectly balanced, nuanced, natural, and flavorful profile that will give you feeling like you’re spending quality time on a beautiful beach. If you want to buy this vape juice, you should look no further than Ejuice Store. We specialize in providing discounted deals and offers on vape juices and accessories. For more information about our vape juice flavor, feel free to visit our website at

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