How Do You Make a Successful HCG Diet Plan?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – which is commonly found hormone in the human body. But this hormone is produced in high quantities by pregnant women. The hormone uses fat stored inside the body to release necessary calories for the development of new life in the womb. This hormone is the fat burner and is made by the human body.

Like other substances produced by the human body, the HCG is quite complex and is well-balanced enough to make sure that the mother and baby stay healthy. Generally, its main function is to regulate metabolism and is the secret behind the HCG diet. Therefore, it’s better to consider official HCG diet plan.

Though you have to consume HCG product on a daily basis, it’s paramount to make sure that it’s manufactured by a reliable company. This type of product is available with quality assurance and money back guarantee. After all, you’re planning on investing on the HCG diet plan, you have to consider a few factors to make it successful.

How Do You Make a Successful HCG Diet Plan?

Stay True to The Diet

It sounds obvious as it’s the most important and basic tip for a successful HCG diet plan. You shouldn’t stray away from your 500 calorie day plan. It’s because little things add up quickly. If you eat 50-100 calories a day extra, you’re consuming more 350-700 calories per week than you should.

It could prevent you from losing 3 pounds in a week. Though you’re going to spend money on the HCG diet, you have to do it properly and get the outstanding results as possible.

Prepare Foods Beforehand

You have to prepare foods well in advance. It can help you out when you’re feeling hungry or pressed for time. In turn, this can help you stop cheating on diet plan.

Use HCG Diet Approved Recipes

It’s highly suggested to try out new HCG diet approved recipes. Feel free to do experiments on recipes. You may find something you didn’t know you liked before.

Season your Food Properly

Most studies have shown that people consuming flavorful food eat less of it. Just because you take low fat food that doesn’t mean it has to be bland. Consider using spices and herbs for food seasoning and giving a good flavor. It will help you feel more satisfied.

Drink Water or Green Tea

It’s highly suggested to drink at least two quarts of water in a day, preferably more when on the HCG diet. Moreover, intake of green tea helps in suppressing your appetite. You should drink it when you feel hungry between meals or tempted to cheat. You can flavor it with a little stevia.

Bottom Line –

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