How Do You Pick Out Right Color for Tinted Sunglasses?

It’s no wonder wearing a pair of sunglasses has become a staple for many people nowadays. Out of all varieties, tinted sunglasses are much more than just a fashion trend. Currently, sunglasses are available in different shapes and sizes to fit different fashion tastes of everyone. It means the sunglasses are ready to serve much more than just prettifying your look.

Do you ever wonder what the different tinted lenses are used for? While you know that classic black lens stands out as the all-time favorite, other tint colors including the hombre tones have garnered popularity among more adventurous people. However, yellow tinted sunglasses have made a comeback in fashion circles during summer.

Tinted lenses, specifically the green-blue colors were invented during the eighteenth century. Earlier eye doctors believed that these lenses help in improving vision and perfecting certain eye impairments.

Recently, more numbers of tints have been developed to suit different people for different purposes. Take a look at this post and know how to pick the right lens color for tinted sunglasses:

Blue –

Blue tint is perfect for foggy water and snowy environments. It provides a great level of contract and reduction in glare from bright lighting conditions. The blue color works really well for those who play golf and tennis spending hours under the sun.

Gray –

Gray is considered as the darkest tint and is recommended to use for outdoor activities like driving, jogging and sports like racing, running or mountain biking. This lens reduces glare from the sun significantly and is perfect to use for general purposes.

Yellow and Amber –

Both of the lenses are considered as more versatile as they work well for both indoor and outdoor activities like ball and snow sports. They improve the contrast and depth of perception greatly as well as help in filtering out blue light that may do harm to your eye health. Besides, yellow and amber colors are ideal for those people living in constantly changing weather conditions.

Rose and Purple –

Things are better when you see through rose colored tinted sunglasses. Rose hues make the surroundings looking more vibrant. Both rose and purple lenses are ideal for forest or water activities as it improves the sharpness of objects that are in green and blue environments.

Bottom Line –

The above discussed tips are important to remember when you’re out to shop for tinted sunglasses. It’s no longer a fashion must-have; but a protective gear for those special activities and hobbies.

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