How Do You Save More on Tyent Hybrid Water Ionizer?

Tyent Hybrid Water Ionizer is one of the finely honed and superlative ionizer engineering around the world.

What Makes the Tyent Hybrid Water Ionizer Stand Out?

Tyent Hybrid Water Ionizer is the first ever alkaline hydrogen hybrid ionizer in the industry. The technical features are simply unmatched by anything else on the market. But what’s so different and does the Hybrid deliver that no other ionizer can?

Designed with the “Twin Cell Technology” – a dedicated hydrogen cell to a powerful electrolysis chamber, the Tyent Hybrid Water Ionizer is the black label edition machine poised to make big waves as well as a great difference like no other!

What do you mean by “Twin Cell Technology”?

Twin Cell Technology means that drinking alkaline hydrogen water fresh from the Hybrid water ionizer. Generally, the ionized alkaline water from the Hybrid comprises of the higher levels of molecular hydrogen than any other ionizer available on the market.

This means, every glass of water you will drink, contains so much therapeutic, bio-available hydrogen that remains unbeaten from the water ionizers manufactured by other companies.

How Does Hydrogen Water Benefit You?

Hydrogen Water can:

  • Work for better teeth and dental health
  • Maintain healthy eyes
  • Support gut health
  • Contribute to balance your pH levels
  • Boost immune system and lead a healthy lifestyle in winter
  • Help you look much younger

What Makes the Hybrid Ionizer Good Addition to Kitchen?


Choosing the Tyent USA Hybrid Water Ionizer will help you feel and look amazing while making your kitchen super stylish.

Featured with sophisticated and sleek black casing, the water ionizer has some of the best specifications, including:

  • Genuine stainless steel accents
  • Powerful dual filtration (0.01 micron)
  • Intuitive touch-screen and multi-color backlight
  • Multiple language voice guidance
  • Availability of three alkaline levels, two acidic levels and one hydrogen water level including turbo modes
  • The unrivaled Charged Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost available exclusively at Tyent

How Do You Save Big on Tyent Hybrid Water Ionizer Purchase?

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