How does an outsourcing bookkeeping company make your life easier?

Escrow Consulting Group is a leading provider of outsourcing bookkeeping services in the UAE. We are a team of bookkeepers and accountants who provide outsourced bookkeeping services for businesses of all sizes. We help businesses focus on their core competencies by providing them with our expert services. We are committed to helping every client achieve their goals, and make their financial management processes more efficient and effective.

What Are Outsourced Bookkeeping Services?

Outsourcing bookkeeping allows you to hire a full-time accountant without all the expenses that come with hiring an employee. Accountants working for outsourced bookkeeping companies have no overhead costs for office space or equipment, which means they can charge lower fees than traditional firms. Plus, since most outsourced accounting firms don’t require long-term contracts, you can pay only for the services you need at any given time.

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Are you paying accountants and bookkeepers to take care of your business accounting? Many small businesses can’t afford a full-time accountant, but they still require a lot of accounting work. Escrow Consulting Group has the most qualified bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing services. By outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks to us, you can focus on what is really important — growing your business!

A quality bookkeeping and accounting solution are essential to the success of any business. Escrow Consulting Group provides the most reliable, efficient, and accurate outsourced bookkeeping consultants in the industry. Our team works directly with your organization to identify your unique needs and develop solutions that will allow you to focus on what you do best to run your company.

We take a proactive approach to bookkeep and accounting management, providing our clients with the information they need to make better strategic business decisions. Whether you are looking for a bookkeeper or a full-service accounting department, we guarantee our solutions can be customized to meet your individual requirements.

Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your time on bookkeeping and administrative tasks?

Do you feel that these tasks are taking you away from your core business?

Do you think it’s time to outsource these functions?

We can help!

Escrow Consulting Group is full-service bookkeeping, accounting, outsourcing bookkeeping consultants and tax outsourcing firm. Our services include:

Bookkeeping/Accounting – we will reconcile your bank accounts, pay bills, process payroll, prepare financial statements, prepare tax returns and manage human resources functions. We have a secure portal for transferring information between all parties so that you never have to worry about losing important documents.

Tax Preparation – we have extensive experience with all types of businesses and individuals. We will ensure that the appropriate returns are filed timely. In addition, our tax planning will assist you in saving money on taxes throughout the year.

Contact us for any bookkeeping queries, our customer support team will answer your queries in no time