How professional garage door service deal with major garage door issues

If you own a late model or an electric garage door, then it could have a lengthy list of potential issues that can arise as it ages. Though routine maintenance can reduce the instance of such problems, but the problem crops up with no apparent cause. Professional garage door repair specialists face several issues on a daily basis, most of which have relatively simple fixes. Mentioned below are the top three garage door challenges that homeowners probably see, and how garage door service in Washington DC can troubleshoot such issues.

Non-functional garage door opener

Non-operational garage door openers consistently be the prime reason for garage door issues. Fortunately, they’re quite simple to fix with experts. If your garage door has a chain, then re-lubricating these parts can reduce excess friction and prevent the door from opening. If you have a remote opener, the issue may be due to dead battery, so take the garage door service Washington DC to replacing the battery to keep it working again. If it is a cable-operated garage door, take a look at the garage door light to see whether it will be receiving appropriate power. The garage door service Washington DC inspects the things to locate the source of the power disruption.

Unusual noises during operation

You probably found annoying noise in your garage door. If the sound is more than usual, you’re likely dealing with worn or loose parts or lubrication issues that are entirely normal. Garage doors have multiple moving mechanisms, all of which are necessary for safe operation. The specialist garage door service in Washington DC inspect the things, clean and re-lubricate the tracks, joints, and hardware to alleviate the issues. A professional inspection can assure you additional peace of mind as the specialist can easily locate the worn or damaged parts and replace them on-site.

The garage door opens partially and reverses

Do you observe your garage door open, either partially or fully, and then immediately changes? If so, a couple of issues may be causing such a problem:

  •  Partial Open. If your garage door opens partially, then the question is there with the spring located at the door’s top. A simple spring replacement can be the best solution to such a situation. But it’s not an easy job that you should undertake yourself as spring is the most hazardous element with an incredible amount of tension. Contact an expert garage door specialist to inspect the spring and perform the necessary service.

  • Full Open. If you found your garage door opens all the way before reversing, you likely have an issue with the photo-eye sensors situated at the bottom of the track. An expert technician will check each photo-eye to ascertain whether it receives appropriate power. Then they check around each photo-eye for debris that may be obstructing the beam. Also, they align it properly, ensuring the situation won’t happen again.

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