How To Assess The Portfolio Of A Wedding Photographer

How to choose wedding photographer in LA? Who does not love great ideas when making such a tough decision? To help you with your wedding photography in LA ere in this post we are going to talk about how to assess the portfolio of a wedding photographer.

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This isn’t the time to judge:

A lot of couples make the same error when surfing the portfolio of a photographer. They center their mind on the wrong details! Let us explain. As you check out the pictures, you mayn’t like the wedding outfit the bride is wearing or you mayn’t like the color of their flowers. Since you don’t like these details, it is easy to see the images in a negative way. As your mind is focused on these extraneous details, it is quite easy to ignore the real beauty behind the images.

When surfing a portfolio, it does not matter if you don’t like the bride’s dress, how she personally looks, etc. It is all about the quality of the photos produced by the photographer – their use of color, light, composition, etc. The photographer is not showing you what your nuptial is going to look like – they’re showing you the types of photos you can anticipate during your wedding day.


Creative or cliché:

As you go through the portfolio of each photographer, have a look at the creativeness of their images. Do you consider their photos artistic? Or do they look to be the same cliché pictures you see everywhere else?

Prior to jumping to conclusions, there’s one thing to remember. Professional photographers actually understand your wedding isn’t about them. They also look to produce unique images for each couple, while doing their best to steer clear of those cliché looking photos.


If their whole portfolio – or at least bulk of it – looks cliché, there is a good chance it could be because of an absence of creativeness on the photographer’s part. You will wish to hire a photographer who’s continuously pushing himself to do better.


Beautiful wedding photography is all about the proper use of lighting. Not the quantity of lighting, but the quality.

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