How To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring

Planning to purchase a diamond engagement ring? You will need to know the 4Cs, how to choose a diamond shape & cut, metal characteristics, types of settings, etc. Follow these below listed tips if you want to make a smart purchase while buying a diamond engagement ring:


Know the 4Cs:

The first and foremost thing to know when you want to buy a diamond engagement ring is the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity and carat weight. The 4Cs are the global standard set for evaluating the quality of diamonds.


In short, the 4Cs are:

  • Color: D-to-Z diamond color grades a diamond’s absence of color. Diamonds with less color are rarer.

  • Cut: The quality of a diamond’s cut determines how well it unbridles its light.

  • Clarity: The clarity of diamonds refer to the absenteeism of inclusions & blemishes.

  • Carat Weight: Diamond carat weight determines the apparent size of a diamond.

Understand the difference between diamond shapes, cutting styles and cut quality:

Prior to you start shopping for an affordable engagement ring in Canada, you must comprehend the difference between a diamond’s shape, its cutting style and its cut quality. Here shape means the outline of a diamond when viewed face up. Though the most popular diamond shape is round, there’re also other shapes like pear, marquise, square, rectangle and heart which are worth considering as per your taste.

Here cutting means how the facets of the diamond are arranged. For instance, the most prevalent facet arrangement for round diamonds is the typical brilliant cutting style with a specific arrangement of 57 or 58 facets.


And finally the cut quality means a diamond’s facets interact with light. Diamond cut in the same shape & style can differ in table size, griddle width, polish and evenness. These dissimilarities have an effect on their face up appearances & will impact their cut quality.

Pick side stones:

Side stones are an incredible way to embellish an engagement ring. They give a surge of elegance, giving a look that is simply sophisticated. Popular options include diamond baguettes on either side of the center stone, channel or pavé set diamonds along the shank of the ring, and colored gems in any number of configurations.

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