How To Choose Between Open And Disposable Pod System

The popularity of vaping might have caught you and you may have started to vape recently. Though you are a novice vaper, you must have substantial vaping experience using various pod systems. There are two natures of pod systems, namely open and disposable. The question that has come to your mind is which pod system is ideal to use.

We know this is a million-dollar question, even bothering veteran vapers. They are confused as to which pod system gives more flavors to their lifestyle. Let us see which pod system relatively best fits your lifestyle and budget.


It is good to know at the onset that Strawberry Watermelon Disposable Pod (1500 Puffs) by LOY XL is a popular choice amongst all vapers. You can enjoy the mix of sweet strawberry and luscious watermelon flavors while using this disposable pod. The nicotine level is 5% and the VG/PG ratio is 50/50.

How to determine between the two pod systems?

The vaping industry is overgrowing each day. According to Businesswire, it is that the revenue from the vaping industry will cross US$ 32.11 Billion by 2021. To successfully be a part of such a volatile market, reputed manufacturers like TBD continuously research to come out with innovative products so that their clients can have the best vaping experience. They are developing more compact, high-standard, and user-friendly products every day.

When it comes to deciding between open and closed pod systems, it is impossible to do so without proper knowledge about those.

Closed pod system

As is evident from the name, a closed pod system is a compact e-cigarette with a non-refillable e-juice tank. You need to change the disposable cartridge when you have finished vaping with the one you are using. The system has a non-rechargeable, fully charged battery. It is like a teabag, which you dispose of off once when used.


There are few benefits of using such a closed pod system.

The first being there is a requirement of least maintenance. You do not need to purchase new coils or clean the tank. After you have used it, you need to dispose of it. Secondly, the pod comes pre-filled with e-juice, so you do not have to count drop to fill the atomizer. Thirdly, these pods come with a one-button-all feature. Lastly, there is a chance of leaking as these pods come ready to use.

Open pod systems

If you like to customize your vaping experience, then these open pod systems are the ideal ones. This pod system comes with a refillable tank with a replaceable coil. The tank can contain 2 to 8 ml of e-juice.


There are few benefits associated with this open pod system.

You can have a smooth vaping experience using an open pod system. The system offers a mouth to lung vaping with sweet throat hits. These pod systems are user-friendly. You can have the option to vape different flavors using this open pod system. You can also customize the nicotine strength and have a vaping experience as you desire. As every part of this pod system can be detached and refitted, you can easily clean and maintain it.

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