How to Decide the Precise Food Portion Sizes To Make The Catering Successful?

Good food always plays a crucial role in any special occasion or corporate event, or any events alike. Hence, catering is always vital as it will take care of the menu, its portion sizes, making arrangements, and serving it to the guests. Many organizers or people ignore the prominence of the right food portion size of food to be prepared. You may feel it is unnecessary to think about how much to order and how much will be suitable for the guest list. But, you will be wondering if you ask someone who has recently been gone through this process and suffers from arrangements! Deciding on the right food and its portion size for any event is very complex to determine. However, the expert and best catering service in Hyderabad lay down a few simple tips that will help you make the right decision. A few of them are like:

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Be prepared for any uninvited guest: It is always wise to order a little in excess. It seems to be the best strategy for making the food catering of an event successful and adequate. Ordering the food, a little more than the exact estimate, is good to accommodate a few uninvited guests. For example, if you plan to invite 100 people to attend the event, you should make the food preparation for 115-120 headcounts. It will help you to avoid any last-minute disaster. Apart from that, ordering too much then the estimate will lead to wastage of food. So, you can take the assistance of the best catering service in Hyderabad that helps you figure out the precise portion size. It seems to be the right way to manage the guests.

Make the order based on the nature of the occasion: You must place the catering order based on the nature of the event that you are hosting. People in a happy mood tend to indulge in bigger servings and conscious informal & small office gatherings. You need to be quite decisive in selecting the right food portion size, whether you organize a formal or a casual gathering. Best catering service has vast experience to decide the matter better than others.

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Time of the event: The event time is also a crucial factor to consider for deciding the food portion sizes. For example, dining is the primary concept for the events like weddings, and hence you should plan the best food varieties, starters to please the guest’s appetite. Suppose it’s not any dining event and is just a pre-wedding or formal corporate party where people are busier in celebrating the spirit, and the time is also not around the proper meal times. In that case, you can focus more on snacks and light appetizers. You need to keep the meal portions small and simple.

Duration of the event: The event’s duration is another vital factor that will help you decide the proper food portion for catering for your upcoming event. A long-lasting event will make people stay for a long time. So it needs to be well prepared and cater to the guests as they need to eat multiple times. However, if the event’s nature is short or quick then, the best catering service in Hyderabad can order almost exact portions.

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So make sure you keep all the above-listed factors in mind while deciding the food quantity or portion to order for your event. To get impeccable catering service and your precise food requirement, please contact the experts at Jyothi Caterers today! They are the best wedding caterer in Hyderabad offer an elegant food alternative to meet your small or big catering needs.

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