How To Make Your Bathing Space Glamorous and User-Friendly

Bathrooms are lively, versatile spaces that can be used to bring out a homeowner’s creative, inspired instincts. They’re the perfect settings to tidy up with outstanding bathroom accessories that’ll integrate a personal and unique touch. The possibilities are factually infinite and can be subtle touches or extreme. There’re many bathroom accessories that can make your bathing space look even more glamorous & user-friendly. Let’s have a look at some of the must-have bathroom accessories:

Bathroom cabinets:

Bathroom cabinets are a must-have accessory for any modern bathroom. The functionalities of bathroom cabinets are virtually infinite offering your storage without wasting any floor space.

Surface Mount Accessories

Bathroom shelves:

Shelves may not look like an exciting accessory to most homeowners, but modern shelves are capable of storing all your stuffs while looking glamorous too. Marble shelf brackets are beautifully sleek & simple. Irrespective of their somewhat humble purpose, they are a superb accessory for manifesting the full potential of your bathroom.

Soap dispenser:

A soap dispenser can add those subtle finishing touches to your bathroom. There’re a range of colorful soap dispensers available to choose from.


Soap ledge:

The most irritating thing about using bar soap is storing it. Sadly, most soap dishes & holders do a poor job. They let your soap to soak in its own unclean water until it dried. But the soap never dries as it is sitting in stationary water. The soap fast turns damp & unusable.

Luckily, there’re soap ledges that stops this occurrence of partly dissolved bar soap, even when you store it next to the sink or in the shower. There are soap ledges that will not just keep your soap dry, but also adds some glamour to the interior of your bathroom.

To buy wonderfully finished soap ledge in Toronto you can always count on Mr Marble. Our corner soap ledge encompasses a curved front that is perfect to place an assortment of your shower products. Depending on the in-shower placement, it can also be used as a foot stand.

At Mr. Marble, we offer a wonderful selection of custom-designed bathroom accessories to modernise your bathing space. Whether you are looking for marble bathroom vanity tops or sophisticated soap ledge in Toronto, you are going to love our collection in custom bathroom accessories.



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