Tented Camps

Tented Camps in Kenya – A safari is the ultimate way to enjoy a trip

It will be a changed world for you after you have discovered the perfect tented camp in Kenya during a safari tour. You will be speechless being amidst nature and wildlife that Kenya is famous for. The collection of these camps is what we know as tented camps in Kenya. Reputed tour operators have taken advantage of the geographic position of Kenya to transform it into a hub for safari lovers, and the camps offer the best opportunity to explore and enjoy the adventure. It is possible to enjoy a safari featuring a stay at a tented camp. 

What to expect while staying at a tented camp 

The tents are heavenly, the perspectives are stunning, and the food is amazing. If you are searching for a luxurious safari experience, tented camps are what you should book well ahead of your safari date. These camps organized by reputed tour operators fill up fast, so it is prudent not to waste time booking one for your stay during a safari trip to Kenya. 

Tented Camps

Staying at the camps in Kenya offers the opportunity to enjoy a conventional safari, a romantic honeymoon or a family excursion. Regardless of your inclinations or financial plan, there is something for everybody at these novel facilities.

If you have withdrawn from staying at a tented camp due to fear of what it would be like or, on the other hand, if it would be agreeable enough for your liking, just sit back and relax – these tents are like nothing else in the world!

Visualize going to sleep while hearing hyenas laughing outside your safari tent or heading for breakfast and seeing dik-diks and impalas passing by your tent camp.

Tented Camps

The types of tented camps you can book 

You can be at basic safari tents, which are very much like your camp tents with shared washrooms and toilets. 

There is one more sort of basic tent camp, a safari tent made of canvas where you can have the pleasure of using an ensuite washroom having a squat toilet or a water wardrobe.

You can also be in a semi-luxury tent camp in Kenya. This nature of camp is usually a semi-permanent construction having wooden or stone floors. You can use twin beds, an ensuite washroom and a toilet with hot water showers and flush.

Tented Camps

It is also possible to stay at luxurious tented camps, which are either, for the most part, in Conservancies or inside the National Reserve. The cost of these camps is more as they have a location inside the conservancies or the national park.

Drunken Elephant Mara is the ideal tour operator to be in touch with if you wish to stay in any of such nature of tented camps. You can book your stay by calling them at +254738450106.

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  1. Experience the magic of Kenya’s wilderness with tented camps that offer a perfect blend of adventure and luxury. From basic safari tents to semi-luxury accommodations, each stay promises breathtaking views and close encounters with wildlife. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable safari experience—book your tented camp adventure with trusted operators for an authentic taste of Africa’s natural beauty.”

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