How to Plan Your Puri Tourism Based On Different Season

Puri is one of those places in Odisha that has innumerable features to lure visitors from across the globe. While it has pristine, sandy beaches that greets travellers from all parts of the world, it’s also world famous as a sacred destination, home to Jagannath Temple alongside many other shrines, monasteries and ashrams. Apart from this, also the place boasts a vibrant and rich architecture that was constructed years back. All these things make Puri a perfect one for groups of friends and families to drop by for a content vacation.

Here we have highlighted Puri tourism based on different seasons so that you can plan your Puri trip accordingly.

Puri Trip Planning in Winter:

Months ranging from October to February are perfect for a Puri trip as the climate remains pleasant, cool, and calming during this time. Winter is also the perfect time of the year to explore the different beaches Puri has to offer. Other places you can visit in Puri during the Winter include tranquil Chilika Lake, the Raghurajpur Artist Village, Pipili, the majestic Markandeswara Temple, the calm Daya River, and Sudarshan Crafts Museum.

Puri Trip Planning in Monsoon:

From June to September, Puri experiences heavy rains and regular thunderstorms. Though this is not the ideal to make a trip to Puri, it still welcomes visitors in large numbers because of the world famous Rath Yatra. During this period thousands of pilgrims flock to Puri to see the cart festival and offer their prayer to Lord Jagannath.

Apart from Rath Yatra, in Monsoon you can also explore Konark Sun Temple, Buddhist Temple, Nalabana Bird Sanctuary, Mausi Maa Temple, Sakshi Gopal Temple, Gundicha Temple, Museum and Sudarshan Workshop, Elephants, Raghurajpur Artist Village, Alarnatha Temple, Gulmi Waterfall, etc.

Puri Trip Planning in Summer:

Though summer in Puri is quite tough to tolerate, you can still enjoy your time here. It’s quite soothing to spend time on the beach. The cool waters of the beach are a comfort to different travellers who visit the beaches of Puri.

Summer is also the best time to visit Chilka Lake which is not very far from. You can take a boat in the lake & enjoy the calm and soothing ride with friends and family.

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