What Makes Princes Diana Different From Other Royals

A fashion icon, dedicated humanitarian and loving mother Princess Diana has left an enduring impact on the world. While people fell in love with the woman they met when she became the finance of Prince Charles – as she came into her own, we learned that Princess Diana was not frightened to ruffle a few feathers.

By standing up for herself & living life in her own way, the people’s princess become a royal rebel in the best possible way.  Some very critical aspects of Diana’s legacy were in her acts of rebelliousness against custom. Here we have highlighted how the princess flouted tradition & set a new example for Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and the next generation of royals.

Princess, Diana

Diana had a job prior to she tied the knot:

The people’s princess worked as a part-time Kindergarten teacher in London. For your knowledge, she was the only royal to have a paying job prior to getting engaged.

She selected her engagement ring from a jewelry collection catalog:

Though engagement rings for royal are generally custom made, but Diana chosen her engagement ring from the Garrardjewelry collection catalog. This caused a big hype since Diana’s ring was accessible to the public at the time.

Prince Diana wrote her own vows:

She made history in 1981 when she eminently denied to utter that she’d obey Prince Charles during their wedding vows. Also she called Charles the wrong name!

Diana was the 1st royal to give birth outside of the home:

For royals it was tradition to have home births; but Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in 1982 – and Prince Harry in the same place in 1984.

She put her family before royal responsibilities:

When she tied the knot with Prince Charles, Diana left her job as a kindergarten teacher in favour of her royal compulsions. But while she maintained her official responsibilities, the princess put parenting before her other duties.


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