How Trucking Dispatch Software Improves Back-Office Productivity

Like many businesses in these difficult economic times, construction firms are looking at cost-cutting measures that won’t compromise productivity and efficiency. A rising number of businesses are seeing the value of leveraging technology to boost productivity, especially in the back office.

Let’s look at some typical trucking management software features in more depth to see how they boost productivity and become the back-office team’s go-to “pain reliever.” 

Paperless Ticketing:

Paperless ticketing, often known as eTicketing, is one of the more recent features that certain trucking dispatch software suppliers are starting to offer. Due to the fact that several state DOTs mandate this type of contactless ticketing, digital tickets, or eTickets, are now in use. 

eTickets provide numerous advantages in addition to putting you in compliance by meeting their “real-time” requirements. These benefits, particularly for the back-office, include less paper-based operations, reliable data to work with, and the ability to conduct transactions more quickly and effectively.

GPS Verified Routes:

Using trucker dispatch software with real-time GPS tracking eliminates the issue of not knowing whether your own drivers or outside carriers are following approved routes and taking authorised breaks.

Data Sharing:

All activities use the same set of trustworthy data when using cloud-based truck dispatch software. By providing both current and historical data for reporting and analysis, this one source of truth clears out any uncertainty.Want to use a single transportation management programme to keep track of all the most intricate cargo details?  NOVA Logistics Software handles everything, including dispatching, mobile check calls, shipping information, and invoicing. Our dispatch software makes it simple and easy for dispatchers to see the location of your upcoming shipment! In other words, the main goal of our dispatch software is to improve the practicality and effectiveness of your transportation and dispatch services.