When Should You Think About Developing Your Own Custom Dispatch Software?

Trucking dispatch apps/software are essential for logistics companies looking to increase driver performance, customer experience, and business growth. Yet, when it comes to implementing a modern dispatch system, businesses must pick between off-the-shelf software and custom trucking dispatch software.

Let’s assess how well each variation applies to the situation.

The Off-the-Shelf Software:

Small businesses that need to manage simple operations and have specific goals should use the off-the-shelf dispatch solution. Even though this kind of digital product is frequently inexpensive, it has several restrictions and downsides that may be a hindrance to advancement.

  • First of all, readymade software, also referred to as off-the-shelf software, is vulnerable to hacking because strong security is not guaranteed. 
  • Then, customer support is also limited in off-the-shelf-software. This indicates that some consumer inquiries go unanswered because they might be outside the scope of the system’s current functionality.
  • And lastly, the unique processes cannot be used with off-the-shelf software. To fulfil their needs, you must therefore develop a personalised trend as you follow the one that is already in place. As a result, as you grow with the advanced trend, you must design a unique one to satisfy those requirements.

The Customized Truck Dispatch Software:

Customized software is without a doubt the greatest option for logistics firms that are visionary and have a broad approach to resolving their issues. Here is how the customised solution is worth the investment, even if it is slightly more expensive than off-the-shelf.

  • Complete control can be exerted over the customised solution. You are able to interact with developers, participate in the development lifecycle, and make crucial modifications.
  • Your firm’s chances of avoiding data breaches and information leaks are improved by using custom freight dispatch software.
  • Custom dispatch software can be integrated with a variety of platforms used by your logistics company, including platforms for fleet management, transportation management, and warehousing.

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