How You Can Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

Some people want a subtle engagement ring, whereas others wish their engagement ring to look as glitzy & sizable as feasible. If you fall into the later class, we would like to share a few handy tips on how you can make your engagement ring look bigger without spending a fortune for a huge center stone.

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Give emphasis to cut:

Don’t overlook cut grade if you are seeking a diamond for your engagement ring and you wish your diamond to appear as large as feasible.

When a diamond has excellent brilliance, it looks bigger to the eye. And for a diamond to have utmost brilliance, it has to have a great cut. To make sure your diamond has excellent brilliance, it’s recommended choosing a diamond with a cut grade of Very Good or Excellent.

Pick your diamond shape smartly:

Another thing that can change how big a diamond looks is its shape. Diamonds can cut into numerous different shapes, such as princess, round, or oval.  But each diamond shape has its mass distributed differently. Some diamond shapes consist of more mass on the top, which makes them look much larger per carat.

The 4 diamond shapes that look the largest per carat are: oval, emerald, pear and marquise diamonds. Oval diamonds are perhaps the best option for those who wish a classic-style engagement ring, yet wish to make the most of the size of their engagement rings center diamond. Oval cut diamonds look somewhat larger than round diamonds per carat, yet they’ve an identical traditional look.

Go for a Halo:

If you wish your engagement ring to look as sizable and glamorous possible, halo ring settings are an excellent option. In a halo setting, your center stone is encircled by a sparkling ring of smaller accent diamonds. This brilliant halo optically extends the size of your center diamond, making it look much bigger. The extra sparkle provided by the diamonds in a halo setting adds to this effect.

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