Icy Menthol Treats By Nomenon

Have you been looking for some of the best quality and mouth watering fruit flavored e liquids with icy menthol finish? Feeling confused and overwhelmed by looking at the various options available in the market? Then just try Nomenon e liquids once! Why Nomenon? Nomenon is the new name for delicious e-liquid blend. It has become a trend and popular e liquid brand among vapers of all kind. You can find a wide variety of fruit flavored e liquids with them from sweet and fruity concoctions to wild and crazy bends of their Noms X2 series. Nomenon crafts and manufactures flavors that challenge everything you know about vaping and vape liquids.

As far as your wish is concerned Nomenon has brought you some of the delightful icy menthol concoctions that will make you fall in love with the brand instantly. Have a look at the flavors that will entice you below:

Stranomenon ICE by Nomenon 120ml

Stranomenon ICE by Nomenon is a classic strawberry flavor of your favorite old fashioned treats. This e liquid gives you a flavor of hard candy shells filled with sweet gooey centers that comes with a blast of cool menthol. Isn’t it a delightful icy menthol flavor to try out? If you are a strawberry lover then this is the one for you!

Stranomenon ICE by Nomenon 120ml

Watanomenon ICE by Nomenon 120ml

Love watermelons? Then Watanomenon ICE by Nomenon is the truest watermelon vape you will ever experience. It is a e liquid that has sweet multilayered watermelon that come together to create the ultimate flavor! Forged in the heart of juicy watermelon, ICED Watanomenon is crafted for delivering the maximum amount of watermelon ecstasy you have been needing in your life in that classic Nomenon way.

Blunomenon ICE by Nomenon 120ml

Blunomenon ICE by NomenonĀ  is the delicious blend of blue raspberry hard candy which is infused with the scientific essence of yum. Now this flavor comes with a blast of cool menthol to refresh your taste buds instantly.

Grapenomenon ICE by Nomenon 120ml

Grapenomenon ICE by NomenonĀ  is a flavorsome grape candy vape. This vape juice is crunchy, sweet and sour hard candy that comes with a lot of grape. And a cool menthol added to it makes it even more refreshing and invigorating for your taste buds.

Lemonomenon ICE by Nomenon 120ml

Lemonomenon ICE by Nomenon is a fresh take on an old-time lemon treat. The e juice is a sweet lemon wrapped in a tart candy shell. Now a blast of cool menthol has been added to it for a more refreshing taste.

Nomenon has several other delightful flavors to try such as Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin, White Peach Raspberry, Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine and much more.


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