Incredible Ideas to Make Kitchen Look Spacious

Tired of the clumsiness in your kitchen? Thinking of renovating it to make it spacious? Looking for kitchen remodeling San Francisco Bay Area experts or help?

Let’s face the truth first! The truth is that most of the items in our houses are the small kitchen appliances, dishes, cooking utensils and other gears than anything else. And holding all these stuff in the kitchen takes up a lot of storage space, no matter whether you have a smaller or larger kitchen. Organizing the things in the kitchen efficiently is the key to get a spacious kitchen.


Following are a few incredible ways to organize your kitchen items to make the kitchen look spacious.

  • Add Shelves above the Cabinets

By adding shelves above the cabinets you can create extra storage space within your clumsy kitchen. In these shelves you can store the items that you seldom use. You can add greenery up there to make the kitchen look even more spacious.

  • Pegboards are a Big Yes

Utilise the unused wall space and add pegboard with hooks to store your utensils and pans. It will help you a lot as the cooking gear will be organized neatly without taking much of your precious kitchen space especially the counter and cabinet space. Moreover, it will act as a cool wall feature as well!

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  • Add Magnetic Strips

You can save drawer and counter space by adding wall mounted magnetic strips to store knives as well as cooking utensils and other metallic items.

  • Make Use of Cabinet Sides

If any of your cabinets have an open side which is not pressed against the wall, then make use of that space to make your kitchen look spacious. You can install a rack where you can hang spices or hooks to hang mugs.

  • Add Door hangers inside Cabinet Doors

By adding organizer hangers inside the cabinet doors will help you in storing dish rags, cleaning items, soaps, pot holders and spices efficiently.

  • Hanging Things is the Best Way Out

Using small tension rods for creating hanging space can help you hang towels, rags, pot holders and gloves. Besides that it can help you in organizing the pans and cutting boards as well. So keep the mess at bay, go for hanging things up!


  • Infuse Creativity to the Ceiling Space

Why keep your kitchen’s ceiling unused? Make use of its space for storage as well! You can hang a rack to hold pans and utensils, which will help you, keep your cabinets organized even more easily. Additionally, it will look creative and cool while making your kitchen appear taller and reined!

These are just a few ideas that you can incorporate to make your kitchen renovation more effective and practical. You can consult with your kitchen remodeling San Francisco Bay Area experts or more such creative and practical ideas.



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