ISETIA – The Ideal Project Management Information System

The business word today is certainly very uncertain. With the quickly increasing business across the globe, the vague nature of business questions the capability of both organisations and the leaders. To steer clear of this, management plays an important part in keeping business on track whilst providing services to their consumers. Congruently, the sharp rise in the number of corporations demanded the quality of process & project management. Both process & project management are extensive and needed meticulous attention. With the influx of latest technology & digitalization, the need for upgrading along with present industry needs is vital.

Because of automation in process & project management, the problems were solved that conventionally the industry lacked. Introduced in 2009, ISETIA provides a commanding, universally trusted cloud based online cooperation platform with a creative approach to process and project management. It aids clients with planning, managing, cooperating, implementing and reporting projects, programs and portfolios.

The Perfect Project Management Platform:

ISETIA platform aids in automating consistent & repeatable processes to boost effectiveness, enhance visibility, and better use resources, resulting in productivity improvement, operational cost reduction, and risk mitigation. Its distinctive character is based on covering requirements in the same high standard in an interactive way.

ISETIA runs on the cloud & provides many pre-configured modules affiliated to diverse project management environments & needs, to instantly benefit the users. The platform has been improving constantly and can be customized to a specific corporation’s particular requirements. It includes modules like – document management, cost management, 3p management, process management, issue management, risk management, change management, lesson learned, BIM Module and ISETIA Analytics. These modules help in transferring ISETIA into a multidimensional world.

Improving Digital Environment:

Presently, there’s a rising demand for online services as there’s a limit to personal contact & change in a working scenario. ISETIA comprehends the specific requirements of the industry in case of documentation processing & management. Another critical factor is that at present, the industry is emphasizing more on the enhancement for all kinds of data analyses & reporting. To meet the requirements, ISETIA has enhanced its ISETIA BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE by growing the capacity of ISETIA Analytic Module. It aids people across the corporation to construct a data driven culture with a powerful, visually incredible perspective. This aids to improve the entire digital environment of data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, and dashboards heightening the efficiency.

Being the authorized distributors of ISETIA, KL iTech Solutions offers an integrated project management & document management functionality in a single platform. To know more about this powerful Project Management Information System get in touch with us now!