Jordan Group Tours – A Perfect Vacation Option To Discover Jordan In A Group

The name “JORDAN” comes to your mind when it comes to a land of lost cities, ancient ruins, magnificent cities, camel rides and floating on seas, sprawling wild deserts, and much more things to perceive. Are you in a group and wish to discover the splendid city of Jordan & its several treasures? Then, a well-planned Jordan group tour is the best choice as it lets you explore the magnificence of the sightseeing places, a night in the desert, a safari at the dune, meet the friendliest locals & enjoy some delightful food together in Jordan. All these things are combined to make your Jordan group tours truly memorable for longer.


Jordan has it all when it comes to a holiday that the whole group can enjoy. Well-planned Jordan group tours give you so many extraordinary opportunities. Here are a few of the best reasons why Jordan is the perfect place to spend your next vacation in a group!

Discover Petra,

There is no doubt that Petra is one of the world’s great historic sites! It is an amazingly incredible pink city built on stone. The Nabataeans’ structure is carved in the face of the Rock of Mount Hor in the third century. There is no other place you will find like Petra around the world. It provides an incredible opportunity for your group to explore the astonishing sight. If you and your kids are looking for a little more adventure, they can take long 800 steps to walk to the monastery.

Jordan group tours

Wadi Rum

Nearby reason to Petra is the Wadi Rum desert, a spectacular place known for its abundant sandstone rock, steep dunes, and exciting sunsets. The huge canyon here at Wadi Feynan provides splendid vistas, and its excellent hiking trails can be a popular activity that allure many families who come for holidays.

Camping in Wadi Rum

Camping is a great group activity that lets you stay in the heart of nature. Camping and sleeping in a Bedouin-style tent surrounded by fabulous dunes, glittering stars, and mountains in the heart of Wadi Rum can be an exciting experience for your kids! You can also gather around at the campfire with your co-travellers sharing tales of desert adventures.

Camel riding

A more exciting thing for kids in your Jordan group tours is taking a camel ride through the desert of Wadi Rum. You can join the adventure of climbing up the weird and wonderful rock formations! You will get a trusty camel and learn to ride them like a Bedouin, following Wadi Rum’s ancient trade routes and secret trails.

The Dead Sea & the Red Sea.

Jordan has two unique swimming spots: The Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Discover the World-famous Dead Sea- a lake with over 35% salinity and the world’s lowest place. You can float with your kids without effort above the water. Also, enjoy the mud bath that is known to have therapeutic properties. The Red Sea’s warm waters are home to numerous beautiful marine creatures, coral reefs, and water activities. Kids and adults will love to dive and discover colourful coral reefs, various fish, and lots of water activities.

Delicious food

Any journey with a group is not enjoyable without having some delicious local food, and it should be on time. Fortunately, it will not be an issue in Jordan! Your entire group will experience new dishes, exotic flavours, and fresh vegetables experiences while you travel on a Jordan group holiday. The food you get there combines the influences of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It includes traditional hummus dishes, meat and veggie dishes, spices, and rice. It is so delicious that even children will enjoy such local dishes & their exotic flavour.

Jordan group tours

Make friends with the local people.

The people in Jordan are well known for their fantastic friendliness and hospitality. They are very welcoming and treat your children carefully, give them many games and ideas, and invite them to play with them. It will let you feel like you are in your country. Moreover, they try to help you in every possible way and with utmost politeness.


A group tour to Jordan was indeed the trip of a lifetime! Choose as many places to add to your Jordan group tour bucket list. The itinerary of the Jordan group tour can be extended in 3-15 days, and it’s really up to you how you want to travel. The travel itineraries are bespeaking and can be customized for your specific group, interests, and budget. Contact Jordan Private Tours to plan your Jordan group tour today! They are one of the leading tours and travel management companies committed to providing travellers with quality and exceptional holidays.