Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable With Professional Cinematic Wedding Videography

Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable With Professional Cinematic Wedding Videography

Wedding photos holds a special place in a couple’s heart. Both, bride and groom wants to treasure each and every moment of their special day together forever. From capturing engagement photos to shooting the small moments of cheerfulness throughout the wedding events have turned out to be a must the in the recent times.


Are you looking for someone who’s good at cinematic wedding videography in Essex? If yes, then look no further than Chris Woodman Photography. He specialises in creating beautiful wedding videos with a cinematic edge. He will bring the finest cinematic quality & top of the range cinema cameras and lenses to produce your special wedding movie. From the exhilaration of getting ready all the way through to the dance floor at night, he’ll be there to shoot every special moment in a natural & unobtrusive way.

Wedding cinematography is all about storytelling:

Wedding cinematography is an art form that blend creativity with storytelling. It’s much like filling a blank canvas with shades of different colors from moments encountered.


Professional cinematographers are some of the best storytellers who’re capable of setting the right tone for the video and interlace marvellously wonderful introduction and a climax of the wedding film. They shoot a moment from different angles to proffer it a certain outlook and delight the people who’re going to view it.

Whether shooting a sentimental father-daughter moment or the gorgeous bride sharing a smile with her groom, a professional wedding cinematographer can weave a story from every moment and create a fairy-tale wedding film out of it.

The wedding cinematography is captured through DSLR video cameras. As such advanced equipment consists of large sensor-sizes they create a great aesthetic difference in the wedding photos. DSLR has interchangeable lenses & a selective depth of field to separate a specific subject with a strong focus and blur out the rest.


Since the wedding cinematography involves a storytelling process, it’s shot accordingly from different angles keeping in mind the story or the perception. When editing, all the effects combined & interlaced to come out with a fantastic wedding film that you eventually get to see.

If you fancy professional Cinematic Wedding Videography in Essex, check out Chris Woodman Photography’s packages now! We are sure that you won’t be disappointed with both our price and services. We keep things simple for you and there is no hidden extras.

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