Money Clip Card Holder – A Stylish and Sleek Way to Carry Cash and Cards

With time everything changes including fashion and so does the accessories. Not even the wallets were left out from these changes. Today’s generation craves for sleek fashion and accessories. No one wants to carry a bulkier wallet in their rear pocket as it hampers their look and personality. That is why; today guys prefer to wear minimalist wallets and money clip card holder.

You can find several different models of money clip card holders to choose from today. Some of these card holders are sleek and slim that is specifically designed for businessmen and some are thicker and more rugged which are ideal for sports persons / adventure seekers.

Whatever model you choose according to your preferences, a money clip card holder has numerous advantages over the classic bulkier wallets. Let us check out some of the major advantages of these trending accessories below –

  • Designed to fit into all Pockets

Whether it is a classic or modern wallet, they feel bulky when placed in front pockets especially when you are wearing a slim-fit trouser. On the contrary, a money clip card holder fits into your front pocket seamlessly without adding a bulk. Also, there are some money clip models that fit so well into the pockets that you won’t even notice it there. That is why, the money clips offer a smooth and sleek look. These card holders also fit well in the vest pockets! Isn’t that cool!

  • Slimness and Sleekness

As already mentioned today sleek and slim is the trend. And with their sleek and slim design money clips offer great advantages. It not just fits well in your pockets but also eliminates the bulkiness from your pocket that the wallets often create. You won’t have to get conscious anymore while sitting with a bulkier thing at your back. Just be stylish!

  • No more Clutter!

A cluttered wallet is something that can ruin your personality. Whereas, money clip card holder with its minimalistic feature restricts the room for junks and clutter. Many of us put many unnecessary bills, cards, receipts and other stuff in our wallets which makes it bulkier and cluttered.  This happens only because there is plenty of space in the wallet! Isn’t it? But with money clip card holder there is no room for unnecessary stuff! Simply put emergency cash and a few important bills and cards and nothing else. In short, money clips keep you sorted.

  • Better Accessibility

Accessing the cash becomes much easier and better with a money clip card holder which makes it one of the best accessories that you will ever use. What you need to do is, just take a clip out of your pocket and take out one or two bills of the clip and pay. No more juggling with the stuffs!

  • A Customizable Solution

Money clips are a customizable solution usually made of metal, carbon fiber or resin. Engrave your initials on it or print your favorite image or phrase on it and get it customized your way. You can also find these in different colors. So stand out from the crowd with a money clip.


WALLETERAS provides a wide range of money clip card holder options to choose from.