Proper Training Is A Must Before Investing In The Stock Market


Who taught you about wealth management?

Did you learn wealth management:

  • From school?
  • From friends?
  • From parents?
  • From books or seminars?
  • From university or college?

ANSWER: Usually through OSMOSIS – from a combination of the above!Most people learnt about money and/or wealth management from their families (tradition). Unfortunately, the mistakes are passed on from generation to generation.

Investment Training & Education



MUTUAL FUNDS – Due to the failure of spouses understanding their RISK TOLERANCES, the easiest way (with the ability to ‘blame someone else’) is to find a Financial Planner to take the responsibility of managing the family’s INHERITANCE. No regard to RETURN versus COST is considered.

MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING – jumping on the bandwagon LONG after the wagon is gone. Building ‘legs’ & trying to sell the product (usually SOAP) to friends and family is not a winner.

NETWORK MARKETING – a variation on the above. Again, selling ‘Vacuums’ may not bring your friends, let alone wealth. Mostly, consumed by immediate family members – eating the seed instead of sowing it!

REAL ESTATE – Excellent investment strategy in an uptrend economy. Usually extremely successful in the initial stages of a ’bull’ market especially when buying ONE house and then making a ‘killing’ on it. Suddenly, GREED sets in and in an attempt to become ‘Mr. TRUMP’ in 7 days or less; a number of units are purchased with MINIMUM down payments so that it can be ‘FLIPPED’ quickly for a “SUBSTANTIAL” profit. Unfortunately, you & 50,000 other people came to the SAME conclusion at the end of the ‘HOT’ market! Massive losses or foreclosures or manager of tenants is the result.

FRANCHISES– extremely costly enterprise. Royalties can potentially destroy the franchise-owner. It is nothing MORE than BUYING a 20 hour a day full-time job!

FOREX (Foreign Currency Trading) – extremely speculative. Competing with global foreign exchange money managers in a 24/7 market. Your simple software cannot compete. PERIOD.

COMMODITIES– similar to FOREX. Challenges: Forecasting future global demand for specific commodities and unpredictability of weather patterns.

OTHERS: Black Box Computer Programs that trade penny stocks, FOREX; Options; Futures etc. – nothing more than gambling based on some “PROPRIETARY” system.

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Stock market investment (like anything else) requires  involves EDUCATION -understanding of the market conditions, trends, and dynamics. The changes in the economy (e.g. interest rateetc.)and geo-political factors (e.g. trade wars) have a direct impact on the stock market!What is important is to be able to mitigate risks – that requires knowledge, which can only be gained by a systematic study through technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

By the time the average adult begins his career, he has completed almost 16 years of education in numerous disciplines. However, his knowledge of money management and wealth creation is extremely limited for many reasons – for example, the educational system is geared to train one to get a job – regardless of the college or university degree, the aim of that degree is to train you in a profession which ultimately leads to ‘landing’ a job! Preferably one with a pension! Result – living from pay-check to pay-check is the norm for the majority of citizens in the world

Where do you go to get such training?

TRAIN2INVEST was founded on the concept of providing a superior financial and investment education through a ‘STUDENT-CENTERED’ approach.  You don’t need a PhD in advanced mathematics! Delivering a step-by-step learning process that breaks down complex subject matter into manageable, bitesize pieces of information.ONE SIZE does not fit all. We recognize that different people learn at a different pace.

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The TRAIN2INVEST program is a comprehensive hands-on learning and mentoring experience with the option of ongoing coaching and support as determined by the student.  The time factor is important because we cannot change old habits or develop new ones with any degree of success within a few weeks.  The TEACH, TRAIN, and COACH approach delivers complex issues in bite-sized modules eliminating information overload and targeting critical information analysis for decision making.

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Five Lip-Smacking E Juices by FRYD

Funnel Cake by Fryd 120ml (2x60ml)

We all have weakness for cakes and cookies. However, having them frequently can become risky for our health! But good news is that we can enjoy the taste and flavor of delicious cakes, cookies and creams without adding calories to our diet! Want to know how? Then the answer is vape juices by FRYD. FRYD E-liquid is one of the premier vape juice manufacturers offering creamy flavored e liquids in the market. So if you are craving for your favorite cookie but cannot have it because of health issues, then opt for the e liquids by FRYD now.

vape juices


Let us check out the various flavors that FRYD has in its collection for cookie cravers like us below –

  1. Funnel Cake by Fryd 120ml

Funnel Cake by FRYD, 120ml is a classic dessert that offers the delicious flavors of the summer days at the fair. It emulates the delicious crispy deep fried funnel cake with the fluffiest of dough and creates a flavor that will make you go aww. Enjoy this mouth-watering vape juice today and relish your summer memories to the fullest.

  1. Cream Cookie by Fryd 120ml

Cream Cookie by Drip Fried (FRYD E-Liquid) is the amalgamation of deep-fried cookies and cream treats with rich chocolate and sweet filling. It offers you a feel of a carnival.The vape juice offers a smooth experience both on the inhale as well as the exhale. It creates a truly pleasant vaping experience which makes you get indulged in your favorite childhood Oreo snack flavor.

Woman Smoking an E-Cigarette


  1. Banana by Fryd 120ml

Banana by Drip Fried (FRYD E-Liquid) is another delectable vape juice from the house of FRYD. It is a combination of deep-fried golden banana slices with butterscotch, buttery cream and crunchy graham crackers.

  1. Ice Cream by Fryd 120ml

Cream Cookie by FRYD is a lip-smackingejuice that offers fried vanilla bean ice cream flavor. On the inhale you will enjoy the taste of sweet vanilla bean, and on the exhale you will experience a deep fried golden cake crust that will leave an eternal flavor on your taste buds.

  1. Cream Cake by Fryd 120ml

Cream Cakes by Drip Fried (FRYD E-Liquid) is a deep fried sweet treat. This flavor is a perfect concoction ofa sweet yellow sponge cake and vanilla whipped cream jammed into center which is then dipped in cake batter and deep fried to a golden brown finish. On the inhale you will relish the flavor of a deep fried spongecake. On the exhale enjoy the flavors of cake batter and whipped topping.

Funnel Cake by Fryd 120ml (2x60ml)



E Juice Store carries some of the most delectable e juice flavors by FRYD that include Cream Cookie, Cream Cake, Ice Cream, Banana and Funnel Cake by Fryd 120ml.

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Colorful Clothing – Adding Liveliness to the Fashion World!

Ccolorfull clothes

Our clothing style says a lot about our personality. But do you know the color of our clothing can determine our emotions and mood? Yes that’s true! Colors play a vital role in today’s fashion world. Colorful clothing offers a sense of liveliness and creativity. Color of our clothing carries a lot of emotions and it can change our moods when paired up with other colors. Therefore, color of our clothing is essential when it comes to choosing our clothes.

Unisex Jacket

Let us find out which clothing color depicts what about our personality!

  • Red – Red color is always known to represent passion, energy, extroversion and liveliness. So if you are drawn towards red color clothing then it indicates that you have an aggressive and energetic nature, also you release your emotions quickly!
  • Orange – Orange color depicts friendliness, so if you have affinity towards this color when it comes to clothing then, you are considered as a sociable person who loves to make friends.
  • Yellow – Yellow is a color that is associated with good concentration and healthy mind. So people who like yellow clothing are described as logical and consistent.
  • Green – Green clothing lovers are often considered as extremely social with lots of friends. Also, such people have a balanced personality. They love partying, eating well and living life to the fullest. Another aspect of such personality is their mindfulness regarding social standing, reputation and financial position.
  • Blue – Blue is a color that indicates freshness, loyalty and peace. People who love wearing blue tend to have intense appeal and a good sense of fashion. Also blue clothing represents calmness, truthfulness, confidence and security.
  • Purple – People with great affinity towards art, creativity and imagination usually go for purple color clothing. Such personalities have deeper insight and are quite charming!
  • Black – Black indicates authority. However, today the fashion world says the people who love dressing them in black tend to be more creative and innovative. So if you love black clothing then you have quite a creative personality!
  • White – White is all about simplicity, goodness and precision! If you love white clothing then you are considered as a peace lover, simple and organized personality.

This is what the colors depict! But do you love following trends? Then you must look for colorful clothing where a lot of colors are mixed and matched to create unique and unusual look. Today graphic tees with several patterns and colorful touch are in trend!

Go for colorful clothing and add life and vibrancy to your look and personality! When a variety of colors amalgamate with each other creating different patterns and designs, a magic is created. And the recursive fashion is all about infusing colors and patterns into clothing which further offer a unique and creative outlook.

Be colorful, be wonderful!


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Know What Common Ingredients Found In Vape Juice

Straw Nanners by Vape 100 Ripe Collection 60ml

E-cigs consist of a canister where the e-juice is stored. When you heat the e-juice, the liquid becomes an aerosol that can be inhaled. The ingredients found in e-juice can differ by brand, but there’re some common ingredients that a lot of vape juice makers depend on.

Let’s talk about those common ingredients found in vape juice:


Water is a common vape juice ingredient used by most of the manufacturers out there.



Vegetable Glycerin:

Vegetable glycerin or VG is a preservative, sweetener, and thickening agent which is approved by the FDA and it is absolutely safe for ingestion.

It’s prepared from vegetable oils like coconut oil, soybean oil or palm oil. It’s usually discovered in foods like canned goods, processed fruits, energy bars, creams and jams.

Propylene Glycol:

Propylene Glycol or PG can be used in combination with VG or it can be used without it.

Vape Store


It’s a colorless, odorless and tasteless alcohol and an excellent carrier of flavor.

It also acts as a preservative to make your e-liquid last longer. Yet some vapers are sensitive or allergic to Propylene Glycol. If you are one of them, buy vape liquid with Vegetable Glycerin.


There’re innumerable flavors available for e-cigarettes. They vary from fruity flavor options like watermelon & fruit punch to strange mixtures like unicorn milk & Pony on Acid.

The majority of vape juice makers don’t publish the ingredients in their flavors to steer clear of copy cats. Always make sure that you purchase flavors that are food-grade safe.

Flavored Vapes



One can buy vape juice with or without nicotine. You might have seen that the vape liquid containers are advertised as 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, and 32mg. Keep your current smoking habits in mind when choosing nicotine strength. A lot of people who turns to e-cig wish to quit smoking. If that’s what you are looking for, then try to start at somewhere between 12 to 24 milligram and gradually reduce your nicotine strength.

We hope you found this blog about vape juice ingredients useful. We would like to advise you to always read the fine prints about the ingredient lists on all vape liquid you purchase to make sure you know what is in it.

Straw Nanners by Vape 100 Ripe Collection 60ml


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