Planning a Trip to Odisha? Don’t Miss to discover the Art, Architecture, and tribes of Odisha

Orissa is an incredible state in India well-known for its various tourist attractions, festivals, temples, mountains, tribes, wildlife, and Buddhist & Jain monuments. Odisha has a 485km long coastline and is dotted with scenic beaches, serene lakes, sublime rivers, and waterfalls. Do you want to travel to the East-Indian state of Orissa and want to know why you must travel to such a splendid destination? A pre-planned Orissa tour lets you have the incredible and extraordinary journey to explore the history, heritage, and architectural wonders of temples, monuments, and the arts. You are partnering with a reliable tour and travel management company that provides an exclusive Odisha tour itinerary and helps you discover numerous places of interest in Odisha.

Lord Jagannath Temple and Ratha Yatra at Puri

Lord Jagannath Temple and Ratha Yatra at Puri

Puri (The Purusottama Kshetra) is a famous place globally, and it is well-known for Lord Jagannath Temple & Longest Golden Beach. It is one of the Dhammas (Holiest of the holy place) out of four Dhammas (Puri, Dwarika, Badrinath & Rameswar) in India. Shree Jagannath Puri Temple was built in the 12th century and is known as one of the most impressive monuments in the state of Odisha. There are so many festivals of Sri Jagannath during the year observed in Puri. The world-famous Ratha Yatra (Car Festival) is associated with Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra, and elder brother Balabhadraat Puri that attracts millions of tourists each year. A large crowd is gathered to witness Lord Jagannath during this festival.

Kalinga Architecture

Orissa has many incredible sights and monuments worth exploring. There are so many impressive and fantastic structures constructed in Odisha, and most of them are based on the Kalinga style of architecture. Such temples and spiritual architecture in the region impresses with distinctive curvilinear shapes and decorative delicate stone carvings. It basically consists of three distinct types of temples. The most imposing examples of this architecture are Deula temples at Lingaraja Temple (Bhubaneswar), Jagannath Temple (Puri), and Sun Temple (Konark), which you can perceive on your Orissa trip.

Culture and crafts

Culture and crafts of odish

Odisha is the most prominent place for versatile culture, the abundance of handicrafts and handlooms. Almost every town and village in Odisha has its own identity, and you will find the local people focus on a different kind of craft and skill. Terracotta, Pattachitra painting, silver filigree, stone and wood carving, fine artwork, palm leaf etching, applique, metalwork, hand dying, Sambalpuri sarees, weaving, and much more. Many of the products represent their beliefs, traditions, nature, and everyday lifestyle. Orissa tour is a great tool to save such cultures and rural lifestyles as it helps the talented craftsmen find new customers.

Tribal Tourism

mong all the states of India, Odisha has the most significant number of tribes (62 tribes), consisting of up to 24% of the state’s total population. Most of them have their own languages, and they live entirely isolated from society. Reputed tour and travel management companies based in Odisha provide Orissa tribal tours that go deep into the state. Koraput district of Odisha along the Eastern Ghats is known for thick forest, hill stations, Deomali mountain, and part of the tribal belt in Odisha. If you wish to see the real Barogadaba tribe, Bondas, and other Adivasi communities and tribes, then the Odisha tribal tour is just the right for you. If you don’t have the time to travel to Orissa so extensively, then visiting the Museum of Tribal Arts and Artifacts in Bhubaneswar can be a great way to learn more about the different tribal communities & their culture in Orissa.


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