Must Have Wedding Vendors On Every Couple’s List

Without any doubt the most important part of wedding planning is building your vendor team – appointing the group of pros who can make your vision a reality. If you are just getting started, you are perhaps asking yourself the big question: who should be on your wedding vendor list? What kind of vendor do I actually require to make my wedding day a success? According to a trusted report, couples appoint 7 vendors for their wedding day, on average. That may look like a lot, but each of these vendors has a critical job to do to make sure your special day runs smoothly.

Photographer LA

Wedding photographer:

This one tops the list for obvious reasons. Whether you are hosting a massive celebration or simply absconding, your wedding day is one you wish to remember. A professional Orange County wedding photographer will imaginatively capture all your wedding day memories, so it is certainly worth it to appoint a seasoned professional.

Wedding planner:

A wedding planner should be right there on your wedding vendor list! Not just a planner can help you remain organized & on budget throughout the pre-wedding process, they are absolutely professionals at keeping things on schedule & managing any snags on your special day.

Hair & makeup professionals:

You will certainly wish to look & feel your best on your wedding day, so appointing a pro hair stylist & makeup artist to work their magic is an absolute must.


From bouquets to boutonnieres, ceremony arrangements to centrepieces, your wedding flowers are a vital element of any wedding’s décor. And a florist, a vital part of the wedding vendor list, will help bring your theme & color scheme to life.

Music professionals:

Music really sets the mood for your ceremony & reception. Whether you want to appoint a band or a DJ, you want to leave your tunes to a professional to keep your dance floor rocking all night.



After your nuptial is over, you will probably wish to recall the day over & over – and a pro wedding videographer can make that feasible. They capture image, sound and movement to devise a movie of your special day, and let you experience this big day every time you watch.


Besides rejoicing in your marriage event, guests wish to do 2 things during your reception: eat & drink. Your professional wedding caterer will make sure that the food at your event will be delicious.

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