Professional spring repair & replacement service to make your garage door move smoothly!

With the advancement of technology, garage doors come a long way. It is transformed from manual to automatic. There are springs used in the garage doors to make them function better and run smoothly. It supports the other mechanism and makes the garage door as light as a feather. Each garage door has springs used in lifting and lowering the door. Professional garage door service can quickly replace the springs and get your garage door moving again!

A garage door has two types of springs: Torsion springs and extension springs. They functioned independently and used to counterbalance the weight of the door. Let’s talk about the torsion spring. The garage door operates smoothly until its spring is serving well. Do you notice your garage door stops while it is going up? It may stop working due to imbalance or broken door springs. Did you notice a loud bang sound, similar to a gunshot at your garage door? It may be due to the sudden breakdown of torsion springs above your door. Professional garage door spring replacement in Washington DC is the appropriate person to fix the issue.

Torsion springs lift the garage door’s weight (150-250 pounds). It also remains under heavy tension. Attempting to lift a garage door with a broken spring can cause damage to the numerous parts on the opener. Without proper functioning springs, the garage door opener cannot lift the door. Please consult a professional garage door spring repair with the expertise to fix it and make your garage door run properly. The replacement springs and calibrates it based on the weight of your door.

Hundreds of combinations of torsion springs are available in the market. You have to decide which one is the right one for your door. It is essential to have the correct springs to prevent an array of problems in the future. Replacing a spring requires expertise. You first have to diagnose which spring you need to replace. The precise torsion springs are decided based on the weight of the door. Wrong spring selection will bring damage to other moving mechanical parts of your garage door. Its frequency can be higher, and your door might come off the tracks. Knowing the right spring to use can only be determined by experience, and the garage door spring replacement team in Washington DC has vast experience to do it.

Like other mechanical parts, the torsion springs will not last forever, and it has a limited lifespan. Its life is determined by the number of cycles (the door goes up and down) of the spring. Regular springs will last as little as 7,500 cycles which means it has an average life that lasts for 3-5 years. The high standard torsion spring available in the market will last for 15,000 cycles and some good quality springs will last for even 50,000 cycles. The lifetime of a torsion spring is based on only one thing that is its usage. If you use your garage door four to six times a day, it will give you over ten years of life. All the torsion springs offered by the professional garage door spring repair in Washington DC work excellent.

Call Washington DC Garage Door today to have your garage door spring issue appropriately fixed! They have the experience, tools, skills, and expertise to replace the springs and complete the job the same day! Feel free to call them at (202)683-6040 and get a free quote for the spring replacement or repair service.

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