Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod Have The Delightful Flavor To Brings Perfect Satisfaction

It is a notion among several vapers that the expensive vape juices are the best-flavored ones! It is always not true. Cali Bars’ Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod device is designed to be the best tasting and is available at the most affordable price. These disposable vape devices are formulated and crafted to be the most affordable and best-tasting E-Cigarette pods you will find in the industry. It is a unique device with different flavors that are cheap and affordable.


Cali Bars Brand Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod is a better alternative for adult vapers who want to taste different fruit flavors mixed with menthol content. It is a blend that will help you find a concoction of natural lemon, green apple, grape, and strawberry to bring a cohesive flavor. The delightful sweet candy flavor brings perfect satisfaction to vapers, and most of them like to buy it to get a chance! The surprisingly exquisite flavor of Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod by Cali Bars will give you utmost satisfaction. The shape of the device is excellent and trendy! It also comes in the right size that contains a 1.3ml E-liquid capacity tank that gives you approximately 350+ puffs per device. You will get 5%, 2% nicotine strength in each flavor.

Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod by Cali Bars is the world’s first disposable vape pen that offers an exclusive and unique vaping experience! Its vibrant flavored base with handfuls of sweet fruit candies scattered throughout and a bit of menthol to make the flavor as authentic as it can be. Each Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod device by Cali Bars contains around 350+ puffs. The pre-filled Rainbow Ice disposable pod is coming with a fully charged battery that enables you to start vaping immediately without the hassles of charging the device.

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