Reasons It Is Ideal To Have an Odisha Trip

If you speak with someone who recently had a trip to Orissa, you can understand why you also need to include Odisha in your travel bucket list. The Orissa trip organized by reputed local tour agencies will leave you astounded, mesmerized, and inspired to share your experiences with others. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why you need to visit Odisha.

Travel of the beaten path

Though Orissa has much to offer, it still is not on the travel bucket list of many. However, that is not a bad thing to be. You can explore recently excavated sites without having much crowd around you or enjoy a boat ride during a wildlife tour in Odisha without being followed by a big crowd of distractive travelers.

It is possible to visit museums, enjoy free heritage walks, or have a romantic time on the beaches, and at the same time enjoy and understand the cultural heritage of the state participating in various festivals that happen throughout the year.

Prosperity in culture and crafts

The biggest selling point of Odisha is its diversity in culture and the richness of handicrafts and handlooms. It is possible to witness the variety of cultures and handicrafts as you travel from one town to another. It is possible to have terracotta, silver filigree, stone and wood carving, fine painting, palm leaf etching, applique, metalwork, hand dying, and weaving reflecting the diversity. Many such products reflect the beliefs, traditions, and lifestyles that they have maintained for years.

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Tribal Tour

Of all the states of India, Orissa has the biggest number of tribes. About 62 tribes make up 24% of the entire populace of the state. A significant number of them have their dialects as they live confined from the general public.

Others are more open and wouldn’t mind welcoming guests to show their practices and sell their local items. Particularly their housing, clothing along with local craftsmanship are so interesting that they require preservation. Reputed tour operators organize Odisha tribal tours allowing you to explore the various tribes calling Odisha their home.

 Wildlife tours

During the tour to Bhitarkanika Nature Camps, you can come face to face with the big saltwater crocodiles. There are about 1700 crocodiles in the sanctuary and many of them are over 20 feet long. If you are an ornithologist you will love to be at the Bhitarkanika Nature Camps and the Chilika lake as you will have the opportunity to watch various species of birds some of which are migratory. The diversity of wildlife and the flora and fauna of the forests in Odisha make it a definite destination for nature and wildlife lovers.

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Temples and monuments

A tour of Odisha will be incomplete if you do not be at the famous temples in and around Bhubaneswar, Puri, and Konark.

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