Queen of Hearts

Reasons Princess Diana Will Always Be The Queen Of Hearts

We always are curious about the life and work of Princess Dina during her brief stay on Earth. She was the one who changed the face of the Royals forever. She was the one who was also now called the Queen of Hearts. If you desire to know how she became such and why still the present date even after her death she still stays in the mind of people all over the world. It would be wise if you visit, The Princess Dina Museum presented by The Princess and The Platypus Foundation. The virtual tour of the museum helps you to understand her life, her works, and her connections with various charitable organizations, and have a look at the most iconic, perfectly curated personal and historical artifacts. The tour of the museum also makes it possible to hear interviews of people, both common and celebrities, to have a deeper insight into her life.

However, the aspect of how she became the Queen of Hearts still amazes us. Let us know how she became such.


How she became the People’s Princess 

The six-week tour of Australia and New Zealand which she undertook with Prince Charles in 1983 was the first instance when she captured the heart of people. Crowds pulled up where ever she went and that was due to the kindness and warmth she showed to others whom she met. In one of her biographies, a bodyguard of Princess Diana said her reception was similar to Beatlemania. In an interview, she said that she wishes to stay as queen of people’s hearts forever. On her death the then Prime Minister of Britain said, Diana is people’s princess and she will forever stay such. His prediction came true as we can see standing today.

Committed charity works

Another aspect of her life made her the Queen of Hearts. It was her involvement with various charitable organizations. We can see a humanitarian side of her when she used her position to draw attention to causes that generally were not spoken about publicly. Her idea was to make the world a better place to live for everyone. She did some daring acts which drew the attention of people towards her. Like in 1987 she came into the limelight shaking hands with an AIDS patient. She also later became the patron of the National AIDS Trust. She was very passionate about children and that made her the patron of Great Ormond Street Hospital. In 1997 just before her death, she walked through live minefields in Angola and that created enough push for signing a global landmine treaty by various states in the world.


Power to steal the show

She had the power to steal attention during any show that she attended. She had many famous friends like Sir Elton John, George Michael, Liza Minnelli, and Freddie Mercury. However, when she was in the show all other became faded and she was the main point of attraction.

If you desire to know such amazing facts about Princess Diana, the Queen of Hearts it is wise to have access to The Princess Dina Museum.

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