Slim Front Pocket

Reasons to Swear on a Slim Front Pocket Wallet

Slim front pocket wallet has become a trend among men today! But why? What makes it a choice to swear on? Let us find out below –

Slim Front Pocket Wallet

  • Let your lower back be lump free

Do you know a lumpy back pocket wallet can affect your back health adversely? Yes that’s true. The nerves that exit the lower back are responsible for controlling and coordinating some of the strongest muscles in your body such as legs, buttock, core and back. So, when you put pressure on them for hours by sitting on the wallet, it can lead to sciatica. So with a slim front pocket wallet you can avoid such an immense health hazard.

  • Credit cards last longer

When you wear your wallet in the front pocket, the longevity of your credit cards increases as you will not be sitting over the wallet and crushing it.

  • Finding cards become easier

Finding a credit card or any other important card from a thick wallet among the tons of expired gift cards, old receipts and cash becomes annoying, especially when you are in a crowded line. But with a slim wallet it becomes easier to find the right card at the right time!

Slim Front Pocket Wallets

  • You will be safe from pick-pocketing

Pick-pocketing is a common issue with back pocket wallets as in crowded places you tend to lose control over what is happening with your back pocket. So when you carry a front pocket wallet you can easily notice pick-pocketing and stay alert!

  • Feel at Ease and Comfortable

Sitting on barstools and benches become awful with a thick back pocket wallet. On the other hand, with a slim front pocket wallet you can sit comfortably on any type of seating!

  • Enhance your look and persona

A bulky back pocket wallet creates a bump on your back ruining your look especially when you are wearing tights. It can also ruin your pant eventually by stretching it and creating holes in it. A slim front pocket wallet on the contrary enhances your look and persona!

  • Carry phone and wallet in same pocket

When you opt for a slim front pocket wallet, you can easily carry your phone along with the wallet in the same pocket. It also does not create a major bulk in your pockets!

  • Reduce the chances of the wallet falling out of your pocket

Many a time when people are in a hurry especially while in a crowded area their wallets fall out of their pockets and they lose it. But with a slim front pocket wallet that is not the case. Usually the front pocket is tighter and hence holds the wallet more firmly.


WALLETERAS provides high-quality and stylish slim front pocket wallet that can hold your cards and bills firmly.


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