Reasons To Visit Petra While On A Vacation

Now is the ideal time to plan for your next vacation after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Things are coming to normal and vaccines for the COVID-19 virus on the verge of becoming available. We can expect that shortly you will be able to have an exciting, amazing and pleasant vacation with your family in Jordan. As you plan your vacation to Jordan, it is better to know why you should not leave Petra from the list of places to visit.

To fulfill your desire to visit Petra, reputed tour operators organize daily Petra tours from Amman, where you can have a comfortable stay during your vacation to Jordan. Let us see the reasons why Petra is necessary to visit place in Jordan.


Spectacular natural beauty

The ancient Nabataean people carved the city of Petra into the rock face of panoramic mountain and gorgeous. You will confront a magical experience as you enter the city. Every step you take will disclose you to new wonders and as a visitor, you will remain astonished by looking at the intricate rock carvings. The city is free from any modernity, as it remains protected from any nature of modernized vehicles to enter the site. The passageway that leads you to the city is through a deep gorge with walls having different hues reflecting a natural beauty that you have not witnessed before.

Peep into history

Your visit to Petra will give you the ideal opportunity to peep into history. Petra was previously the thriving capital of the Nabataeans and historians believe that they settle here during 9000 BC. It was a prominent stopping point in the ancient trade route between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea.


The innovative water system from the time of the Romans and the Byzantine period, inside the city will really leave you fascinated. The architectural marvel and the intricate carvings are so lively that you will feel like standing in front of history while you are in Petra. You will have a fascinating insight into the past, looking at ancient tombs, churches and the remnants of copper mining.

It is easy and safe to be there

As Petra draws many tourists to the country, the Jordanian government has taken adequate steps to make the site easily accessible and secure. Your tour operator will arrange for comfortable vehicles to travel safely and in comfort from Amman to Petra. The accompanying guide will make you understand all about Petra, the Pink City, and you will feel standing in front of history.

Witness the continuation of culture

The present residents of Petra and Wadi Rum are Bedouins. They are both a settled and nomadic community bridging the gap between the past and the present. They have learned how to live and sustain in the harsh desert conditions.

The Bedouins carry with them the cultural heritage that they love to share. You can expect to have the best of hospitality and warmth from them. You can understand the natural surroundings better, having a word with Bedouins. They have not forgotten their old tradition while amalgamating with the present-day culture of Jordan. So, your trip to Jordan brings you in front of the best natural beauty and architectural wonders and enables you to learn about the ancient culture and traditions of Jordan.


Petra at night

Witnessing the wonders of Petra at night is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your lifetime. As you walk through the Siq and reach the Treasury, you suddenly come in front of the natural wonder lit by thousands of candles. This spine chilling experience will make you practically shiver in excitement and pleasure.

You obviously wish to have such an experience while you are on vacation in Jordan. So, do contact Jordan Private Tours & Travel. They have years of experience organizing such tours and you can have a pleasant time while on vacation to Jordan. Call at +962-79-5022001 to discuss with their travel planner to organize your trip to Jordan.

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