The Things You Should Not Miss Doing When In Amman

As you plan your next vacation after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, do not overlook Jordan. Various exciting places and amazing activities are waiting for you in Jordan and exploring the city of Amman is definitely one of them. You should not overlook Amman’s charming city if you are in Jordan while you explore the city of Petra or glamping in Wadi Rum.

Amman Roman theater is one of such places that you need to explore during your stay in Jordan. The Roman Theater is not the only place to visit and explore in Amman. There are many more. Let us have a look at some of those never to miss places and activities.


Amman Citadel

You do not have to travel much to explore incredible archeological ruins when you are in Amman. The Amman Citadel on the top of the highest hill is in downtown Amman. You can have a great perspective of the city from the Citadel. It is not only for the perspective but also for historical importance you need to visit Citadel. This Bronze Age Citadel has drawn vacationers. It would be best if you were at the Temple of Hercules, Umayyad Palace and the Byzantine Basilica.

Roman Theater

The Roman Theater is the perfect blend of the historical heritage and the vibrant life of modern Amman. The curving stairs of the theater can seat up to 6000 people even now. It would be best if you also were at the Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions and the Jordan Folklore Museum when you visit the Roman Theater.

Visit Rainbow Street

The famous Rainbow Street is a means to have a relaxation from the chaotic city life. It is liveliest on Thursday nights. It is not only shopping, but you can boost your energy, sipping tea or coffee at Turtle Green Tea Bar or Jara Café or have lunch at Al Quds. The handicrafts and shop for unique products at Souk Jara is the ideal location to buy souvenirs. It is best to be at Nabad Art Gallery or Jacaranda to finish your tour of Rainbow Street.

Jordan Museum

Your visit to Jordan will remain incomplete if you do not visit the Jordan Museum in Amman. You can have a peep into the Jordanian culture and history when you visit the museum. The Traditional Life Gallery, Modern Jordan Wing, and Archaeological and Historical Gallery will help you understand Jordan from pre-historic times to the modern-day. You can look at Copper Scroll from the Dead Sea Scrolls when you are in the museum.


Other olden attractions

It is not that the Citadel and the Roman Theater are the old attractions of Amman. There are many more and you need to visit those to understand the origin of Amman’s city. It would be best if you visited the Forum, Odeon and Nymphaeum as these are sites that, you cannot miss to visit.

Taste local cuisines

Your trip to Jordan will not have a perfect completion if you do not taste the local cuisines. Amman is the ideal place to eat Falafel, a local delicacy. You will have confusion about where to taste the best of Falafel in Amman, as there are many restaurants to go. Hashem is a place liked by the local and vacationers wanting to taste the best of Falafel. It is in downtown Amman and often remains open 24 hours for the rush of guests. You can also be at Al Quds on Rainbow Street, Abu Jbara in Madina Munawara√•, or Al Kalha’s airport to taste the best of Falafel.

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

Entering the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, you can look at 2,800 works, including paintings, multimedia creations, photography, weaving, and sculptures, from more than 60 countries, including Jordan.


Qasr al-Abd

Qasr al-Abd, situated 20 kilometers from Amman, offers you the opportunity to explore many examples of Hellenistic architecture. The desert palace had damage from earthquakes, but the carved lions and big cats’ statues will fascinate you.

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