Relive the Life of the People’s Princess – Explore the Various Places

Have you ever dreamy of living life of a princess? A life always in public attention with appearances and events and luxurious jewels and majestic residences? Then you can explore it all at the Kensington Palace and Gardens. You will get opportunities to relive Lady Diana’s life. Although Princess Diana valued privacy and tradition, but she always maintained her true self and is known for maintaining a bond with those around her gracefully.

Kensington Palace and Gardens

To know the People’s Princess the best place that you can visit is her home for 15 years i.e. the Kensington Palace and Gardens as you can take delight in the wonderful memories the princess had there. You can find the glimpses of the real Princess Diana in well-documented way. To realize how the princess lived you can visit at one of the opulent Kensington homes like Victoria and embrace the life of a royal in a luxurious way.

Diana: Her Fashion Story

Then you can take delight in the fabulous exhibit, Diana: Her Fashion Story to understand the fashion sense of the late Princess beautifully. Then you can continue your exploration and visit the Memorial Gardens, Fountain and Playground to see the new statue. The best part of the garden is that its design is inspired by Diana’s life.

Harrods and Harvey Nichols

You can also relish the lavishness at the department stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Inside Harrods you can find a “Princess Di” Memorial seeing which is a blissful experience for the fans of the late Princess. If you stroll down to Beauchamp Place, her shopping spot, venture across to Sloane Street and then you can head back to Knightsbridge Station, passing Chanel and Valentino.

Buckingham Palace

Another place that can help you realize the Princess’s lifestyle and history is the Buckingham Palace which was home to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, and witness the renowned balcony where Diana appeared following her wedding to Prince Charles. For a unique experience you must check out the Changing of the Guard. Also, make sure to drop by The Royal Mews to see Princess Diana’s wedding carriage and browse the splendid gift shop.

The Princess Diana Museum

If you still wish to explore the best of Princess Diana’s life and relive it, then the Princess Diana Museum is your best bet. Here you can find her preserved personal belongings at one place.


The Princess Diana Museum has one of the largest collections in the world with over 1,700 of Diana’s most iconic, vigilantly curated, personal and historical artifacts displayed in a 3D interactive environment. To know more visit

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