Satisfy Your Citrus Cravings with Lemon by Johnny Creampuff 100ml

If you are a fan of citrus flavors, Lemon by Johnny Creampuff in 100ml is a vape juice that you will not want to miss. This delicious flavor is perfect for satisfying your citrus cravings and provides a refreshing and satisfying vaping experience.

True-to-life lemon flavor

One of the most notable features of this e-liquid is its true-to-life lemon flavor. Johnny Creampuff is a well-respected brand in the vaping community, and its Lemon flavor is no exception to its commitment to quality. The lemon flavor is tangy and zesty, yet sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. This is the perfect e-liquid for anyone who loves citrus flavors and wants an authentic taste experience.


Another great aspect of Lemon by Johnny Creampuff is its versatility. The lemon flavor is not too overpowering, which makes it a great choice for an all-day vape. You can enjoy this e-liquid in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and it will still provide you with a satisfying vaping experience. Whether you are looking for a quick nicotine fix or just want to enjoy the flavor, Lemon by Johnny Creampuff is a perfect choice.

Smooth vapor production

Another reason why this e-liquid is so popular among vapers is its smooth and consistent vapor production. The e-liquid is well-balanced and will not cause any throat irritation, even when you take large puffs. This means you can enjoy the full flavor without any harshness or irritation.

Quality ingredients

If you are concerned about the quality of ingredients used in your e-liquids, you can rest assured that Johnny Creampuff uses only the best ingredients in their e-liquids. This ensures a high-quality vaping experience and a great flavor every time you vape.

Enjoying your favourite vape juice

Finally, the 100ml bottle size of Lemon by Johnny Creampuff is perfect for vapers who want to enjoy their favorite e-liquids without having to constantly restock them. This larger bottle size provides better value for your money and allows you to enjoy your favorite flavor for longer periods.


In conclusion, Lemon by Johnny Creampuff in 100ml is the perfect choice for anyone who loves citrus flavors and wants a high-quality e-liquid that delivers on taste and quality. With its true-to-life lemon flavor, versatility, smooth vapor production, and high-quality ingredients, this e-liquid is sure to satisfy your citrus cravings and provide you with an excellent vaping experience.

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