Dark Skin Brown girl friendly blush

Secrets to Find the Best Foundation for Dark Skin Tones

Finding the best brown girl friendly foundation for dry skin is no more a tedious task. Today you can easily find a wide range of foundations & makeup for women of color. There is something for every shade of beautiful. The question here is how to find your own flawless foundation? Luckily, here we have got a few pro tips for selecting the ideal foundation for black and brown skin.

Know your undertone first:

Before looking for foundation for your brown skin, you need to know the undertone of your skin type. This is not all about how dark or light your skin is, but the central shade of your complexion. Remember, undertones can be cool, warm, or neutral.

Have a good look at your skin in natural light if you want to know what your undertone is. Emphasize on your skin’s hue, overlooking any acne, redness, rosacea or other discoloration. You can identify your undertone in these below listed ways:

  • Warm undertone: Your skin has a yellowed, golden, honeyed or peachy tone. Take a good look at the veins of the insides of your wrists, if it looks greenish, then your undertone is warm. If you are still not convinced, you can try out the jewelry test. Remember gold looks better on women having warm undertones than silver does.
  • Cool undertone: Women with cool undertone have hints of red, pink or blue. Your veins will most probably appear purple or bluish. No doubt, everyone looks great with gold but silver stands out on women with cool undertones.
  • Neutral undertone: Your skin has no visible pink, blue or warm undertones. Ladies with this wonderful skin tone can put on more foundation hues within a specific colour range. Your veins look both blue and green. Whether you opt for silver or gold jewelry, rest assured that you will look gorgeous in both.

Once you are done with finding your undertone, it is time to look for the best Dark Skin Brown girl friendly blush that makes your skin sing. Luckily, finding the ideal shade is now a lot easier than ever before with different shade guides that exist today for different products.

Check out DUAL SKIN CREME FOUNDATION from Marjani if you are looking for the Best Foundation for Dark Skin tones. This luxurious foundation can be applied lightly for an almost transparent application or built up for maximum coverage. Whether you have dry, oily or a combination of both, its vitamin E and beeswax formula makes it a great option for your dark or brown skin tone.


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