The Best E-Juice Flavors

Taste is subjective, so one cannot define an e-juice best over another. Also called e-liquid or vape juice, it comprises of five ingredients, including propylene glycol, flavoring, vegetable glycerin, water, and nicotine (excluding zero nicotine liquids).

The essential things to look for when choosing a new e-juice, besides its price, are PG/VG ratio, quality of ingredients, reputed vendor, with the factor of enjoying the taste and overall vape experience. Premium e-juices are well blended with good taste and flavor, leaving a nice aftertaste.

At, you will find an extensive assortment of vape liquids available in a myriad of flavor and strength options. From lemon flavor cake to coffee-based desserts to delicious apple pie, we have everything one could ever imagine. You will find some of the most popular e-juice vapes, including Unicorn Frappé by Juice Man 100ml, Kiwi Strawberry by Burst Duo 60ml, Dragon Punch by Humble Juice Co 120ml, Cereal & Milk by V’Nilla 60ml, and more.

Best E-Liquid Flavors

There are thousands of e-liquids with endless flavor combinations, so picking one or even a few can seem overwhelming. If you are wondering about the best vape juice, take a look at our top five picks, as we have something for every vaper.

Strawberry by Jam Monster 100ml

This ripe strawberry jam vape juice is delectable with creamy butter notes on crunchy toast. With flavors well-balanced, the vape juice is sure to please strawberry lovers in search of a good ADV.


  • It has the flavors of strawberry jam, creamy butter, and toast
  • It makes for a good all day vape
  • 100ml Unicorn Bottle – (75% VG / 25% PG

Unicorn Frappé by Juice Man 100ml

Unicorn Frappé by Juice Man 100ml

Unicorn Frappé by Juice Man is a delicious cotton candy that has been infused with mangoes, blue raspberries, and coated with whipped cream. While inhaling this vape, you are sure to get a mouthwatering attack of fruit. This vape has the perfect amalgamation of tart raspberries, and sweet mangoes, blended well to satisfy the taste buds. The exhale is where the real magic happens. It is where the fantastic fruit flavor pairs perfectly with sugary and creamy whipped cream and cotton candy.


  • 100ml bottle of delightful vape juice
  • A satisfyingly sweet, smooth exhale
  • Sweet and tart tropical flavor (like nothing you have ever tasted)
  • Simply sensational!

Strawberry by Juice Roll Upz 120ml (2x60ml)

The name of the vape juice says it all. It’s the recreation of the classic lunch box treat the strawberry fruit rollups.


  • It has the taste of ripe strawberries
  • You will get consistent sweet candy backing flavor

Wild Watermelon Lemonade by Lemon Twist 120ml (2x60ml)

Lemon Twist presents Wild Watermelon Lemonade, which is a juicy, delicious watermelon fusion with refreshing, cool flavored lemonade. The flavors of natural lemon and juicy, ripe watermelon are smashed together for a perfectly sweetened blend you won’t forget anytime soon.


  • A fresh and bursting flavor profile
  • 120ml Unicorn Bottle – (70% VG / 30% PG)
  • 120ml in two 60ml unicorn bottles
  • A great fusion of lemon to the watermelon aftertaste

Right Cheek by Banana Butt 120ml (2x60ml)

Right Cheek is the top-notch vape juice from Banana Butt. The e-juice contains a delicious combination of banana cream pie and a fresh baked oatmeal cookie. It has a creamy banana inhale and a smooth oatmeal cookie exhale. It’s a sweet, flavor rich juice that provides a superior vape experience.


  • It has a sweet banana bread smell
  • You will get flavors of creamy banana and oatmeal cookie with cinnamon notes
  • It’s for all-day vape candidate

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